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Badminton is one of the popular sport around the world. Rackets starts from beginner level to advanced level.

Badminton players know how important it is to have the right racket. Now that many badminton accessories shop in Bangalore online sell everything you need for this sport, you need not go elsewhere looking for this. With the apt knowledge of the important factors that go into purchasing a good badminton racket, you can buy it online right from the comfort of your home. Beginners, intermediate level and experienced badminton players can benefit from reading this article.

        1.Balance: There are the head heavy badminton rackets, the head light badminton rackets and the balanced weight badminton rackets.

  • Head heavy badminton rackets: These are apt for powerful game from the back of the court. These have additional mass in the head area, and so these enhance the power of clears and smashes. These rackets make it easy for the player to defend or react quickly to the opponent’s powerful shot.

  • Head light badminton rackets: These are easier for the players to control and swing.

  • Balanced weight badminton rackets: These rackets provide the combined benefits of both head light and head heavy rackets. These suit all types of shots. These are the right rackets to choose if the player doesn’t prefer any particular position.

2. Flexibility and stiffness: The flexibility and stiffness of your racket too matters a lot. For, this determines the power and control of your racket. There are flexible, medium flexible, stiff, extra stiff and medium stiff rackets available in the market. Of these, the stiff rackets offer the maximum power and control as these bend and then quickly come back.

3. Price range: The affordability of any item is an important factor that should be considered while shopping for it. There are rackets that cost from Rs. 500 and above. Low priced rackets are the best options for beginners while intermediate players and professionals should consider buying one of the branded rackets available. Badminton accessories shop in Bangalore online sell rackets in a range of prices.

4. Total weight of racket: Weight of badminton racket is symbolized as U. The higher the value of “U”, the lighter is the racket. For instance, 4U rackets weigh between 80 to 84g, while 3U rackets weight between 85 to 89g.

5. Racket frame Shape: Racket frames come in two different shapes viz., oval shaped frame and isometric shaped frames. The oval shaped frame has a small sweet spot (area on the string which generates the best result), and the isometric shaped frame has more of it. Isometric shape is for beginners as less experienced players need more sweet spot, and oval shaped is for experienced players as they need less of it.

6. Brands: Yonex is the leading badminton racket brand available in the market. This brand offers rackets in a range of prices from Rs.300 to Rs.5000. The other popular brands are Ashaway, Cosco, Nivia, Li-ning, Silvers, etc. Some of the less popular brands include Gibbs, STRAUSS, APACS, Guru, TENNEX, StarX, etc.

7.Material: Materials used commonly to make the frame of badminton rackets are tungsten, Aluminum, carbon, and fiber, while titanium mesh, carbon, graphite and steel are used to make shaft. Players should know what kind of materials are their preferences.

8.Playing style: There are different types of badminton playing styles adopted by different players. Some players adopt the fast and aggressive style, while some the straightforward and defensive style, while still others the deceptive stroke style. There are more playing styles too. Players should know the racket that best suits their playing style.

9.Sring tension: The sweet spot reduces with increased string tension. So, experienced players can go for increased string tension.

10. Grip of handle: The grip of the racket’s handle should be as per the player’s preference. Most players prefer a firmer grip providing racket.

Now that you know the ten factors that go into deciding the right racket for you, go ahead and buy your choice racket from badminton accessories shop in Bangalore online.


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