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Table fans are used in thousands of homes for cooling effect and maintaining the air flow. While buying a table fan, one should check features like safety, performance, protection, power consumption and natural cooling effect.

In spite of the increasing popularity of air conditioners, table fans have retained their position in the comfort zones of most households. Portable, cheap and energy efficient as they are, table fans continue to thrive in the Indian market. If you are planning to buy table fans online, make sure you get it from the leading manufacturers in India. A table fan can maximize the effects of heating and air-conditioning in the room, besides providing you with the basic comfort that they are meant for. Have a look at the must-have features when you visit the online portal.



With safety as one of the pre-conditions, you should buy a fan providing substantial protection. The rib cage covering around the blade should be dense enough, so that people do not accidently put their fingers in. Especially, if you have children at your home, you should be aware of this. While buying table fans online, make sure that it has a 120-ribs safety covering around it. Moreover, the spokes should be sleek and thin enough to enable free flow of air.



High performance being the prime goal, you should look out for a fan with powerful motor. It should be able to withstand heavy use without slowing down or suffering mechanical breakdowns. When you visit the online portal to buy the table fan, choose a brand that offers a warranty of minimum two years. You can get it repaired in case it malfunctions in the meantime.


Thermal overload protector (TOP)

The leading table fan manufacturers in India incorporate a thermal overload protector (TOP) in them. It helps them to cope up with voltage fluctuations. It is often found that high voltage current flow damages the coils. This mechanism protects your fans from damage due to voltage fluctuation. When you visit the official website of one of the leading brands for fans online shopping, make sure to check out this feature.


Low power consumption

Keeping the electric bills at the back of your head, choose a table fan which is not likely to push up your bills too high. Low-power consumption fans are available in the online sites. You can enjoy heavy duty fans at reasonable prices and benefit from the optimized power intake. A fan is likely to last for at least a decade. The long-term power consumption and recurring bills should definitely be considered.


Maximizes natural cooling impact

The natural flow of air in the room should be maximized by these fans. It should be able to pull in natural air from outside, if placed near a window. The structure of the blades determines this efficiency. Moreover, if it is placed in a room where the heater is on, it should manage air suction from the top of the room and pull them downwards to increase the heating effect.


In case you are willing to buy one of these fans, check out the small table fan price from the official website. You can also compare different models and buy the one that suit you the best. A wise purchase makes your investment worthwhile.


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