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Build your kitten armies to sacrifice and destroy your enemies! this highly strategic, points builder game is crazy fun to play!

Hi there I'm running a kickstarter campaign for the card game Kitten Casualty here's the link - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1580438356/kitten-casualty-the-card-game/description

Here's another right up about it

It is a small card game, for two to five players of ages 10+ which should last 10+ minutes, if the box art is anything to go by. The rules, as explained on the page, the video and the message I received from the creators, are simple and easy to follow, allowing a wide range of people to understand it and play it. This, so far, looks like one of those games that an old-hat traditional gamer like myself can play with someone who is unfamiliar with these styles of games, such as children or one’s own parents.

A brief rundown of the game is as follows:

Players draw cards from a central pile and play those cards on the table to gather points. Once a player has amassed 500 points, they can use those points (by discarding those cards) to eliminate another player from the game. The last remaining player is declared the winner. Action cards located within that central deck can be used by a player during the game to mess with their own cards as well as other players and their cards. One can also find all five pieces of the Kitten Lord (with necessary capital letters) to vanquish one’s enemies.

our email is totalfamelimited@gmail.com 


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