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Sophie Jones, retreat leader from Costa Rica, is moving ahead with her plans to run the first Bali Weight Loss retreats in Ubud on Bali island in Indonesia.

25, August 2017: Sophie Jones, retreat leader from Costa Rica, is moving ahead with her plans to run the first Bali Weight Loss retreats (https://www.baliweightloss.com/) in Ubud on Bali island in Indonesia. 

Having run many in the past Jones comments, “it’s been a really exciting lead up and I’ve learned a lot about myself and this very special place in Bali. I am very happy that we are now set to launch within the year of 2017 because at times it seemed like it would not be possible.” 

A past guest of one of Sophie Jones’ retreats held in North America says, “I can speak for myself and friends who have come to Sophie’s retreats before and we are all thrilled and excited about traveling to Bali for her next one.” 

The proposed date set for the start of the retreats is December 1st 2017 and Sophie Jones and her team are said to be, “ramping up operations so that everything will be ready when the big day arrives”. 

What is clear is that up to date the team has been put together to hold the retreats. Made up of staff from the local area of Bali and some from Jakarta they are in place to tend to the guests needs while on retreat. 

There is also an established team of detox consultants, fitness trainers, wellness coaches and more ready to lead the program with Sophie at the helm. In fact one resort manager mentions, “it seems everything will be ready on time and we are very excited to see it go ahead”. 

The Bali Weight Loss retreat will be the first on it’s kind on the island and many are excited to see how it turns out. 

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Sophie Jones
Company: Bali Weight Loss
Address: Canggu, Mengwi, Badung, Bali, Indonesia 80361
Phone: +62.372597852
Email: admin@baliweightloss.com
Website: https://www.baliweightloss.com/


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