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When our parents retire and grow older certain special needs arise. However, an assisted living facility might not be necessary due to our loved one’s health and vitality.

USA; 22, August 2017: When our parents retire and grow older certain special needs arise. However, an assisted living facility might not be necessary due to our loved one’s health and vitality. But we still want to keep them safe and close without compromising their independence.

Ageing in place refers to living at home but making accessibility and comfort modifications to suit the needs of elderly stay-at-home dwellers. Such modifications range from simple "bolt on" items like grab handles in bathrooms and lower cupboard handles to major modifications such as wider doors, larger showers and built in wall units with convenient storage / retrieval options.

Given the high cost of elder care, for most San Diegans, ageing in place home remodeling is the best answer to keeping our parents and aging loved ones well cared for while at the same time making prudent high value choices with our limited finances.

Home improvements, modifications, and repairs can help older adults maintain their independence and prevent accidents in their home. Home remodel contractors that specialize in "Ageing in Place" modifications, such as HK Construction San Diego, range from simple changes like replacing doorknobs with pull handles and installing a wheelchair ramp to major structural projects such as a full kitchen remodel including lower counter tops. New bathroom construction for elder specific bathtubs, showers and other therapeutic amenities is a popular local trend growing at the moment.

About 10,000 baby boomers retire each day in the USA, and while some may decide to relocate to an elder care facility, others choose to adapt their homes for enjoyment into their golden years. A large part of aging in place is ensuring that everything is within reach and easy to use.

Here are some ideas that can help you prepare to age well in your home.

Add Small, Useful Features:
Consider the convenience and accessibility when selecting new appliances like a washer and dryer that are front loading and lower to the ground. Adding fixtures such as adjustable shower heads, lever-style door handles making use easy on tired hands. Even small adjustments like lower light switches can make life just a little bit easier for those of limited reach.

Making Thoughtful Medium Sized Renovations:
- Low profile front loading appliances
- Widen doorways to 36 inches or more.
- Add a wheelchair access ramp (outdoors or indoors as needed).
- Remodel the kitchen with low cupboards, countertops and shallow sinks.
- And more! Whatever one personally deems required for safety, comfort and convenience and be modified, installed or constructed.

Thinking Big Budget:
If you have the budget for a larger remodel, consider some of these common ageing-in-place improvements:

- Home elevator installation
- Smooth Surface Flooring
- Curb less Shower stalls
- Multi-functional ground floor master suites

If you’re ready to go really big you could build a "granny flat" in the back yard. Truly the possibilities are endless and only limited perhaps by one’s budget. Luckily financing is available for larger home remodeling and new construction projects.

Plan Ahead
Even if you're aging parents or loved ones are far from retiring, it's important to make a plan. When it comes to ageing in place, it makes sense to have your game plan and maybe even a few simple modifications in place before they are needed.

When you are selecting a home remodel contractor it is important to know if the prospective contractor is aware of the needs of older folks. Feel free to ask questions before hiring, check reviews and references, and trust your instincts. Having chosen the right contractor and enjoying good rapport with them is vital to making sure your remodeling process turns out just the way you want it…. And when you want it done too!


HK Construction San Diego – Ageing in Place Home Remodel Contractor

Get a free no obligation on site quote for aging in place home remodeling services. Call 858-748-6580. Serving all of San Diego, South County, East County and North County, CA.

For Media Contact:
Company: HK Construction, Inc.
Owner: Marc Gieselmann, Owner
Address: 13956 Sam-O-Reno Road, Poway, CA 92064
Phone: 858-748-6580
Email: hkc@cox.net
Website: http://hkremodel.com


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