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We provide totally vegetarian Popular Indian Recipes collection for our loving customers only at Finediningindian.com

Indian Recipes Archives | Fine Dining Indian

For those who are not familiar with Indian food and cooking, Indian cuisine today is of the leading and most popular cuisines in the world. Today you won't be surprised to find that every city and every state has a wide array of restaurants to choose from, all specializing in serving the best of Indian cuisine. Even every home is starting to have its own special Indian recipes. Indian food is world famous because of its delicious, distinct, and diverse taste. They offer so much variety that there are literally plenty of options to choose from.

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The distinct and special taste of Indian dishes stems from how cooking is valued in the country where the recipes came from. In India, people consider cooking and Indian recipes as an art and as a form of heritage - something that can be handed down from generations to generations. The home grown secrets in Indian food recipes are being taught from grandmothers to mothers and from mothers to daughters. In fact, food in India is considered as serious business. Today, some household members in India make it a point to cook. If a person is not busy preparing food, he is busy planning out what the next recipe to prepare!


Aside from the rich culture to back up Indian cuisine, another thing that makes Indian cuisine and cooking so popular is the lack of difficulty in preparation. If you think that cooking Indian food is hard and difficult, then you most certainly have to think again. Following Indian cooking recipes is easy. They are easy to prepare, and there are even a lot of choices for you to choose from. Unlike what most people believe, there is more to Indian cuisine that oil, chilly, and curry! But of course, Indian dishes are known for being spicy. For example, Andhra food recipes are popular for having a rich, spicy flavor. Some of the best or the top ten delicious Indian dishes you must learn to cook include: Ugadi Pachadi, Vadiyalu, Mamidikaya Pulihora, Vankaya Pachadi, Gongura Mutton, Charupodi, Verusenaga Podi, Kottimeera Pachadi, Aratikaaya Masala Pulusu and Mamidikaya Pulihora.


A mixture of spices of widely varying composition is known as Curry Powder. Today, we find that the Curry Powder mixtures tend to have fairly standardized taste in the western world. But in India, there are many different curry flavors available.


Curry powder gained popularity in the 1800's and till this date is popular with Indian food lovers. Today curry powered is exported throughout Europe and North and South America.


Many of the original blends of curry powder are still available throughout the world. During the late 60s and early 70s, there was a large increase of Indian food consumption in the western world. This led to an increase of Indian restaurants. And a result the its became increasingly standardized outside India.


Most Indian cooks have easy access to a variety of fresh Indian spices, and are more likely to make their own indian spice mixtures. Most curry cooks will have their own specific mixtures for different indian recipes. This knowledge is often passed down from one generation to another.


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