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When you sleep at night, your body releases sweat and body oil which directly go down to your mattress, making the whole experience unpleasant.

When you sleep at night, your body releases sweat and body oil which directly go down to your mattress, making the whole experience unpleasant. Sometimes, you accidentally spill something on your bed which also travels directly to your mattress. To avoid such circumstances, it is always advised to use mattress pads. But the normal mattress pads can bring more problems than solutions. To get the maximum benefits in terms of usefulness, durability, and flexibility, you should go for an organic wool mattress pad. 4 justifiable reasons to choose them are mentioned below:

1.    They Protect Your Mattress

When you use an organic wool mattress pad, your mattress is protected in several ways. The most important one is the protection you get from potential allergens. There are many microscopic organisms, like bacteria, dust mites, etc. that penetrate our mattress and create several health problems. However, the natural properties of wool allow it to restrict the entry of bacteria, dust mites, molds and other allergens to enter your mattress. Therefore, these pads are safe for you.

2.    Experience Longer Spill-Proof Time

When something spills on your bed and enters the mattress, it becomes a hefty work to clean it. In case of spills, baby wetting issues or accidents involving pets, an organic wool mattress pad emerges as the right solution. A proper organic wool mattress pad will prevent the spill from running down to the mattress because the presence of wool will give it a better absorption power. So, you will experience a longer spill-proof time.

3.    Easy to Clean

Organic wool mattress pads are very easy to clean. You can wash them in the washing machine or by hand. A clean and dirt-free mattress pad doubles the life of your mattress. You might have experienced or heard about various problems that occur when washing synthetic mattress pads, but wool makes them easy to clean and they require very less amount of time to dry out completely. Wool has the property to repel, so it doesn’t let the dust store on it and when washed, these pads look just like new.

4.    Bio Degradable

Organic wool mattress pads are biodegradable and can be recycled for another use. The presence of organic wool is what makes them ready for recycling since wool is a recyclable product, generated from sheep and 100% natural. After several years when you buy the new ones, you can dump the old ones without worrying about the environment because they won’t harm it.

These are some of the reasons why so many people prefer organic wool mattress pads on their beds. With their ability to breathe, they let the fresh air pass through them and no smell sustains on these pads. So, with so many benefits, an organic wool mattress pad is a clear solution to all your bedding related problems. You get a wonderful experience and that too at a very reasonable price.

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To get the maximum benefits in terms of usefulness, durability, and flexibility, you should go for an Organic Wool Mattress Pad. You can check here for more information about Hypoallergenic Mattress Pad.


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Find organic wool comforter, dust mite resistant comforter & hypoallergenic comforter in a range of colors, styles & sizes at reasonable prices. Buy now! Sleep & Beyond is a 3rd generation family owned manufacturer of organic and natural bedding with fair trade and sustainable factories located in Kyrgyzstan, India and China.

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