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Downland Cycles are an approved ELCAS training provider, bicycle frame academy, city and guilds cycle mechanic maintenance courses.

Who can benefit from this Bike Academy course — 
Home Mechanics and beginner 
 Mechanics who want to pursue career in cycle repair. 
 Those wanting Certification

Prerequisites: None — the class in entry level so knowledge of function or types of bicycles is expected and also no prior knowledge of various tool is happily accepted.


This comprehensive course will guide participant to work like professional with no bike shop experience or little experience. Aim of the class is to prep students to work in any bicycle shop or at least make them qualified enough to work for their own cycles in completely professional way. Our emphasis always remain on getting a good hand on experience in both complete studying unit of the bicycle and repair studies — component by component. For those having their own bicycle shop, this workshop will provide a solid foundation and allow operating on vital service department. Bicycle Frame Academy is also included in this workshop.

With formal lectures, open question and answer session and writing exercise on hands on service presentation of basic operation of bicycle shop service department is done. Thus this customized form of the class allows the need of individual students being met -


  1. Measuring Tools
  2. Component Standards
  3. Stand Use
  4. Repair Torque
  5. Thread Specifications
  6. Frame Preparation
  7. Solvent & Lubricant Use
  8. Bearing Theory
  9. Safety & Liability
  10. Bearing Inspection & Assessment
  11. Conventional Bearings
  12. Cartridge Bearings
  13. Handlebars
  14. Stems
  15. Crank Sets
  16. Frame Construction
  17. Frame Alignment
  18. Frame Fit
  19. Frame Materials
  20. Fork Alignment
  21. Bottom Brackets
  22. Suspension Service and Tuning
  23. Freewheels & Free hubs
  24. Gearing
  25. Chain line
  26. Pedal
  27. Tire/Rim Compatibility
  28. Tube & Tire Repair
  29. Derailleur Cable & Housing
  30. Derailleur System Troubleshooting
  31. Derailleur System Set-up
  32. Derailleur System Set-up
  33. Derailleur System Set-up
  34. Wheel Truing
  35. Wheel Tensioning
  36. Wheel Lacing
  37. Wheel Building/Repair
  38. Chains
  39. Saddles & Seat posts
  40. Hydraulic Brake Systems
  41. Mechanical Disc Brake Systems
  42. Road Caliper Brake Systems
  43. Shop Tools
  44. Hub & Axle Sets
  45. Cutting Tools


  1. Employment Opportunities
  2. Service Writing
  3. Service Department Operation
  4. Customer Service
  5. Tool Selection
  6. Start-Up Costs
  7. Labor Rates
  8. Starting a Small Repair Shop
  9. Sources of Supply
  10. establishing Accounts

You can also apply for higher level courses as this industry has now become dynamic and fast growing now. However for these prior knowledge of the different types and functions of bicycles should be known. Knowledge of using various equipment and tool is also mandatory. In higher levels expertise and maintenance and repair of following is undertaken -

  • utility bikes
  • BMX bikes
  • Hybrid bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • Road bikes

About The Author:

Downland Cycles is really helpful in providing you the best information about Bike Maintenance Course.


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