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Which more worth buying on iPhone SE and iPhone 6s
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It is estimated that a lot of consumers are confused by this question. A few days ago we have contrast iPhone SE and iPhone 6s on configuration performance


On the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s which one should choose? It is estimated that a lot of consumers are confused by this question. A few days ago we have contrast iPhone SE and iPhone 6s on configuration performance, to see what caused the difference of price. Here I will do a real measured contrast, to check if the performance of iPhone SE is comparable to 6s. IPhone SE was evaluated as a compromise for Apple’s CEO Cook to the market. Using iPhone 5s mold to reduce the price, but carrying the performance of the iPhone 6s, iPhone SE may sound like a good idea. Then this iPhone SE performance is really comparable to 6s? And whether it is worth buying?



IPhone 6s length is 138.3 x 67.1mm, weighs 143g. IPhone SE for 123.8 x 58.6mm, weight 113 grams, 5mm thicker than the former. I remember when the original iPhone 6 launches, many users were quite critical on the rounded curved body, back of the "leucorrhea" and other design, considering iPhone 45 is the most classic appearance. And when gradually accustomed to iPhone 6, and then look back iPhone SE with the same mold as iPhone5, but found that can’t "go back". Too square, too thick, the back of the three-stage design color is slightly strange, the screen frame looks wide exaggerated. Of course, the appearance of feeling is very subjective, personal judgments like.


In the foreign media test we found that iPhone SE still use the old phone 6000 grade aluminum material, less hard than 6s 7000 grade aluminum material, or reproduce the curved door. At present, I have not yet obvious feelings when using it. After all, the phone is too small, do not feel will be folded.


The screen sizes of iPhone SE and 6S are different, 4 inches and 4.7 inches, holding a very obvious feeling, 4 inches for women, one hand control and no pressure. In addition to the operation, if these two different sizes have impact on daily entertainment? I tested them on several more commonly scenes - input, read, video, games.


Input: I used to use 26 key input method, of course, the results are not surprising, and iPhone SE will bring more false touch. However, if using of 9 Palace grid is just good.


Read: the current e-book software is powerful, in the case of the default font to read it is not strenuous, watch the pattern will be some differences.


Video: Although the screen of iPhone SE is much smaller, the video viewing is still not particularly significant different from iPhone 6s. (Unless the Plus model is compared with the SE) But we return to the input problems when clicking on the return keys.


Games: when doing some precise operation iPhone SE will have a slight impact. But compared 4 inches will bring the greater benefits. When on vehicle one-hand playing has become particularly easy.


So on whether the impact of daily entertainment is caused by iPhone SE, we have to look at the user's preferences. If you like two-hand operating, iPhone 6s will be more concerned about. But if you often encounter one-handed operation of the scene, the use of iPhone SE will be more convenient.


IPhone 6s is using 2.5D arc surface screen, SE for the ordinary IPS screen. Ordinary screen, although the appearance of the show is not so "fashion", but not as vulnerable as 2.5D which needs a film to protect (previously iPhone 4/5c never need film, but iPhone 6s had to go with the flow A film, a different film will have a different degree of impact on the screen display). Although the same is 326ppi, but the resolution from 1334 x 750 down to 1136 x 640, contrast from 1400: 1 down to 800: 1, the maximum brightness is still the same. Also iPhone SE does not support 3D Touch function.


In screen color test, the author used a few standard color to contrast, two mobile phones display almost the same, although the parameters are relatively small different. But it is difficult to find the difference under the naked eye. Yes, there is the yellow screen problem recently more concerned about. It is said to be not all yellow, at least this test shows the iPhone SE’s performance is just Ok, not as bad as it was described.  



IPhone SE adopts the same A9 chip as iPhone 6s, M9 coprocessor is better than the A8 / M8 equipped with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Also has NFC function, support Apple Pay.


Although both two phones have fingerprint recognition function that is built into the main screen button, the iPhone SE fingerprint recognition sensor for the first generation, 6s for the second generation. Measuring both unlocking speed, there will be a little different. The fingerprint recognition of iPhone has been developed for several years, but there are still a lot of problems. One time identify is not always happened, such as after hand washing, wiping hand cream, etc.



Although iPhone SE’s configuration compared to 6s is slightly reduced, but the effect is not obvious. The main events the processor, the camera and so on are very conscientious to use the same components. For the conclusion that "iPhone SE performance has reached the level of 6s," it can be basically recognized. Nevertheless, the smaller screen and thicker size is still tangled. Even if for a women who are one of small screen iPhone users, she may not re-love this faster classic phone.


If you want to buy iOS mobile phone equipment, and you are already a big screen mobile phone user, it is recommended to bear the price difference and buy an unlocked refurbished iPhone 6s from HK mobile phone online shop Cell Phone Age Com, or do not have to be tangled and choose plus basic model iPhone 6. If you are still one of small Screen mobile phone users, iPhone SE is more cost-effective upgraded version.


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