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Martial Arts Gym Australia: Martial arts forms and their various forms
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Martial arts are codified combat sports which have a set of rules, techniques, and principles. It is practiced in the multiple areas of everyday life like a military, law, self defense, general fitness, competitions, mental health or entertainment et

Martial arts are codified combat sports which have a set of rules, techniques, and principles. It is practiced in the multiple areas of everyday life like a military, law, self defense, general fitness, competitions, mental health or entertainment etc. Martial arts cans be armed or unarmed and is used under many circumstances. Karate, mixed martial arts (MMA), kickboxing, jujutsu, taekwondo, judo, boxing, Muay Thaiis the various forms of martial arts and is practiced by people worldwide.


Taekwondo is a Korean form of martial arts and is focused on high above head kicks, jumps and spinning and fast kicking. It majorly uses the lower body for attack and is based on kicking variations for attack. It involves techniques used in karate and other Chinese martial arts and forms the rules for taekwondo. It requires a lot of coordination, leg power, and flexibility to become a successful taekwondo athlete and improves the overall health of the human body. It requires powerful kicks and fast spins which is an effective way to attack an opponent.

Fast turning and spinning requires stances which are narrower and sleek compared to other martial art forms like karate. The narrow stances facilitate faster movements, agility and powerful kicks. It uses the theory of power which specifies that the generated power increases depending on speed and is not depending on increasing mass of the body. It incorporates various scientific components like equilibrium, breathing control, reaction force and speed. It is a much focused form of martial arts and requires high training both physically and mentally.

Kick boxing

Kickboxing is a form of standup combat sport and uses variations of kicking and punching and is developed on the other martial art forms like karate and Muay Thai. It trains muscles, tones the human body as well as increasing the heart health. It uses techniques like jab, cross, uppercut, knee, kick etc and is a fast paced, high intensity martial art form. It is often used by individuals to maintain general fitness and health and is known to blast fat faster and increase heart rate. It is the most commonly used martial art form used worldwide for fitness or professional reasons. It helps in toning as it uses multiple muscle and works similar to strength toning. A powerful jab is the most basic move and the most effective one. It is ideal for use for self defense and takes the attacking approach unlike jujutsu which channelizes the attacks attack and power.

Mixed martial arts

Mixed martial arts or MMA mixes techniques of various martial art forms like karate, kickboxing etc. A Mixed martial arts athlete is an all rounded athlete and is trained for various martial arts. It is great to be learnt for self defense and is the upcoming popular form of combat sport. MMA personal training is recommended for being well trained and perfects the art form. A personal trainer is a good way to motivate one self, ad keep going on the right track, and to learn under from as they have larger experiences.

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