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Disaster recovery with the aid of Zerto as a Service
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Different companies are prone to different type of disasters. For every company that has to operate with data, under which virtually every type of organization falls, a disaster that affects the data of a company can lead to a very serious setback.

Different companies are prone to different type of disasters. For every company that has to operate with data, under which virtually every type of organization falls, a disaster that affects the data of a company can lead to a very serious setback. Every organization will have to compute how much money comes in and how much they sell as well as have information about their staff and their customers. There are a number of other types of data that are peculiar to different organizations. Losing a data or data been tampered with, can easily lead to the closure of an organization.

Apart from the least effects of losing customers and potential income in thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the organization, there are other cases where law suits could come up and the company could be made to pay heavy fines. One of the most efficient way to quickly recover from disaster and be able to survive any data-related disaster is using Zerto as a service for cloud replication. With this, you will be able to get back every information lost.

Data Recovery as a Service (DRaas)

Data recovery as a service also known as DRaas is a means through which the storage, networking and computers of a cloud provider is used for data replication so that it becomes easy to recover the critical applications and data of the company. The data is regularly backed up automatically, such that if there is a sudden attack on the data, it will be possible to get at least 95 per cent of the data. Depending on how frequently the data is to be updated, data to be lost should not be more than the data that was added within the past less than 24 hours.

Benefits of ZertoDRaas

With Zerto as a service for DRaas, providers of cloud service can help their clients to easily back up, duplicate or replicate their information. Most organizations are now very much familiar with the cloud services and are beginning to join so that they can enjoy the benefits. The fact that different types of risks abound with cloud data, such as attack from a hacker or even a mistake by a staff has also made companies to start to opt for back up so that in case their information are mistakenly or purposely tampered with, they can have a means of recovering back as much as possible of their information very quickly. Since only the latest data will be lost, they will also still easily be able to get those back within the office, thereby making recovery from data disaster very easy, quick and stress-free.

Replication of data

It is possible for organizations to replicate their data by their selves by creating backup on hard disks and other storage devices. This is however, risky, since if such backups are within the organization and there is a fire disaster, the hard drive could be affected as well. With the use of cloud services for storage of data and replication (implying having at least 2 forms of your data online), it will be almost impossible for both to be lost at the same time. The use of ZertoDraas is therefore recommended.

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