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China mobile phone case accessories brands
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With the popularity of smart phones, we use mobile phone accessories more and more, especially the choice of mobile phone cases has gradually become a prominent way of personality.

With the popularity of smart phones, we use mobile phone accessories more and more, especially the choice of mobile phone cases has gradually become a prominent way of personality. Meanwhile some well-known mobile phone accessories manufacturers noticed that the market of mobile accessories is boomingly growing. Now many big brands electrics consumers manufactures all join into the ranks of the production of smartphone accessories. Next Cell Phone Age will give you a detailed introduction to the well-known China mobile phone accessories brands.



The company was established in Shenzhen City, December 23, 2001. It was not the main design of Apple's peripheral products at early time. With the emergence of Apple's mobile phone, GGMM was gradually transformed into a manufacture of Apple's iPhone accessories. Now it has a dedicated department of research and development, such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac and other Apple product accessories and other peripheral digital products, which are favored by many consumers with beautifully designed mobile phone shell. With the new iPhone 7 plus launched at market, related phone case also be developed. And with fast growing up of 16 years now the GGMM has developed into one of leading mobile phone accessories brands in Asian.


The advantage of GGMM product is that each spare part is tested one by one. From the beginning of the material there are professionals to check. Their own designers develop a variety of different styles of Apple iPhone shell and other peripheral products. Another, it has made the policy than within 7 days no reason to return, which is why we like the GGMM.



Isido in March 2011 is listed in Hong Kong, the word "mobile phone clothing" is made by it. Isido company team is mainly from after 80 and 90 young man all over the country, they are youth representatives, Created works are very independent of the passion, and at the same time for a goal and work hard: "to build China's first mobile phone accessories e-commerce brand, so you have the world's most fashionable mobile phone case!"


Isido's after-sales service is very good, as every customer service is very patient and enthusiastic. Isido brand's main source of sales is from online shop, now it has entered the T-mall, Amazon, eBay, and their own independent mall Cell Phone Age. In 2011 in just three months after opening, it be able to succeed Get the sales champion, you can imagine a lot of friends like their products. Isido products are very brilliant colors and texture is very outstanding. Among them will often have a brilliant diamond apple iPhone shell and ultra-thin phone case this year's most popular phone shell is a plating one. This process is the use of silicone hard shell plus plating so that the phone shells to produce the same texture as metal shell.



ROCK Company set up in Shenzhen in 2009, the company's philosophy is to create the most stylish, most sophisticated, most innovative intelligent digital peripheral products for buyers. The main sales of digital peripheral products include: mobile phone protection shell, Tablet PC protection shell, and computer Bags, accessories and so on. Currently ROCK was involved in the sale of all parts of China's inland areas, as well as more than 40 overseas countries and regions. Number of dealers has exceeded 100, retail stores have more than 5,000, while in today's mainstream online trading platform there are its official shops, including Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay, Aliexpress and so on.


The company has always adhered to the goal that consumer, partner and media all praised the company, has been implementing the core of responsibility, tolerance, integrity, excellence. The company within only three years has developed into one of the industry's most influential enterprise. Dare to use the color, reasonable design, gives a refreshing feeling with cartoon style and simple style of the phone shell as mainstream. Finally we share a ROCK flagship store Cell Phone Age com where there are the latest 2017 mobile phone accessories of ROCK.



The company was founded in 2010 in Shenzhen, and the brand is created aiming to mobile digital peripheral products. The company's philosophy is: "quality is king, uncompromising, innovative and endless." This goal is also what their design team always remembering, so that whether it is shape or details the product have a bright feeling. At the same time their logo source brand name NEOMEMOS is the abbreviation of NEW MEMORY STAR which mainly means "flash your magic." This also expresses the spirit of never afraid of difficulty and daring to innovate.


Neomemosbrand mobile phone shell for each detail requirements is very strict, and always concerned about the trend of nowadays, often its products are now the most popular style.The latest products using the newest relief design, adding a stronger texture effect, in the refraction of light, the relief effect is more obvious, so there are phantom.


Finally, we introduce Cell Phone Age which is recently a representative online shop mobile phone cases. All phone cases’ material, design, taste and packaging are done very meticulous and always show the rigor of producers and the thoughtful intention of the designer.


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