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Instantly Ageless o Creme Anti Rugas Instantâneo com Efeito Cinderela da Jeunesse Global.Onde Comprar a Preço de Custo Direto da Fábrica com Nota Fiscal.

Instantly Ageless o Creme Anti Rugas Instantâneo com Efeito Cinderela

The concept of Universal Design consists of integrating unique features into home plans in an effort to enhance comfort and convenience for today's lifestyle, combined with the ability to adapt to changing needs in the future without extensive remodeling. The features are virtually invisible and are certainly not obvious, but these homes make life much easier for everyone in the household. Because opening doors with arms full of groceries is as difficult at age 30 as it is at 70, for example, universal design homes use lever-type door handles. There is a long list of universal design features that homeowners can pick and choose from as they design a home that is safe, comfortable, visitable, and easily used by people of almost any age or physical ability.


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What makes a home 'ageless'? It simply means that it was thoughtfully designed considering the comfort and needs of people of all ages and physical characteristics! It doesn't matter if you are young or old, short or tall, healthy or ill. You might have a disability or be a prize-winning athlete. You may have experienced a recent surgery or sprained an ankle or hurt your back. You may be a personal trainer in perfect health working at a local fitness center. It doesn't really matter. Because of universal design, people who are very different can all enjoy the same home. And that home will be there for all its inhabitants even when their needs change.


Homebuyers today are searching for homes that are a refuge of safety and comfort. Whether it's inviting a couple of friends for an intimate dinner or whole gang for a Super Bowl party, most us like to use our homes to entertain. We delight in welcoming guests and making them feel comfortable. Think about the home you live in now. Is it truly hospitable? Is it 'visitable' by friends and loved ones regardless of age or physical limitations?


Universal design makes a home so much easier to live and entertain in. Moreover, the features increase the safety and comfort of every occupant. From the day you move in - when the movers maneuver your precious belongings without banging into walls and doorways - you will appreciate the sense of openness. Move furniture, luggage, shopping bags, strollers, even sleeping babies around your home with ease. And as we age, you won't need to make expensive modifications. They're already here.

It's no wonder that women dread bathing suit season when the ideal media image is very young, tall, and has no fat except in her bikini top. It doesn't seem to matter what age a women is or whether she is thin or not so thin, we all catch ourselves comparing our bodies to this media image of perfection at some point. Of course the media has idolized this unrealistic and usually airbrushed version of the female body for a long time, but in recent years what has become more troublesome is their treatment of women that they have decided no longer fit this ideal of physical perfection.


For years Tyra Banks was one of the most photographed supermodels, and everyone remembers her for looking impossibly perfect in those barely-there bikinis on the cover of the Sports Illustrated. A decade later, pictures of her in a bathing suit were once again causing quite a buzz, but this time it was because someone had captured these photos after she had gained some weight. 


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