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The symptoms of cold, like a running nose starts and within 46 hours the symptoms multiply. The runny nose is followed by watery eyes, stuffy nose and congestion. Sometimes there is severe pain in the throat which gives you pain when swallowing. This may be followed by sneezing and coughing if you are really heading for a bad attack. The cold can last for anywhere between 3 – 10 days or more.


Flu symptoms come fast, you feel chill and soon you have fever. The body aches and you feel sick. Flu makes you feel  tired and weak. Most often the symptoms last for 7 -10 days. Very rarely they may last for 15 days.


The Causes of Cold and Flu


Cold is an infection which is caused by a virus called rhinovirus. It is usually transmitted from one person having a cold to another person. It is known as an airborne disease so if one person in an office gets it withinfew day everybody will be getting a cold. It is usually transmitted when people are close together. When a person sneezes the germs are let loose and they attack another person.


Flu is a contagious virus which is known as influenza. The virus is transmitted when a person with flu coughs and sneezes. To get relief from cold and flu the person requires a lot of rest and fluids. The patient can only be rid of the flu when it has run its course.


Detox Tablets to Cleanse the Body of Toxins


Detox helps to cleanse the body of toxins specially certain parts of the body like intestines, colon and liver. It is also known to help in losing weight. When you detox you restrict the food that you usually eat for a certain time which may be one day or three days.


The diet for detox is vegetables, fruits and water besides it can also include detox supplements like herbal tea. It is advisable to detox for a short time as the body will not be able to work efficiently with detox diet. After detoxing your body will feel more energized and your skin will get a radiant look.


There are detox capsules that you can take to get rid of the toxins when you are detoxing so that you can get rid of the toxic build-up. The detox capsules are made up of natural ingredients for maximum benefits.


Tonic that Revitalizes Hair


The tonic is made up natural ingredients like amla, beal, jatamansiand other botanical and herbal extracts. It strengthens the hair shaft and prevents hair from falling besides improving the texture of the hair. The tonic is non-greasy and penetrates the shaft of the hair while also nourishing the scalp. It adds volume and body to hair.


The method of using this tonic is very simple, just apply a few drops on the scalp with finger tips and leave it on.  There is also Herbal hair serum with grape seed and almond which can add shine and gloss to the hair. It moisturizes the hair and protects it from external factors such as dust, heat and humidity.


If you are looking for hair tonic to give your hair volume and a healthy look then a tonic with natural ingredients is the best.


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