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Microsoft windows are a set of operating systems programs developed, marketed and sold by Microsoft incorporation.


Microsoft windows are a set of operating systems programs developed, marketed and sold by Microsoft incorporation. An operating system is a set of computer programs that control the functionality of both computer hardware and software. Windows come in a variety of versions ranging from windows 7, windows vista, windows XP, and windows 10 and many other versions. Just like the name suggest windows 7 was the seventh operating system to be released by Redmond. It is part of the Windows NT family as an improvement on the shortcomings of Windows Vista/XP. Windows 7 came in different editions ranging from starter, home basic and premium. Others include windows 7 professional, enterprise and ultimate editions.

Windows 7 Professional

With windows, 7 professional came with enhanced data backup and encryption features that ensure data security. It is compatible with older operating system versions meaning it can open documents or data made using the older versions. It has multitasking, file sharing and remote data access functionalities. Networking to other machines through home groups and domain names is also provided for.For security, it is equipped with windows defender, which protects a computer device from harmful malware and viruses. Files deleted by mistake can be restored by typing a search key.

Windows 7 professional 64 bits is comparatively more powerful in terms of memory address and storage than the 32-bit option. It is capable of running any 32 or 64-bit software applications.The hardware specification for installing windows 7 professional 64 bits operating system is 1 GHz of processing speed, 2GB of random access memory (RAM) and 20GB free hard drive space. Other condition for optimum performance includes a direct 9x graphics with WDDM of 1.0 driver.

Despite the classic feature that comes with windows 7 professional, it also has its own drawbacks. It is important to note that window 7 is more complex to use for unskilled persons. This makes windows XP more users friendly. There are some features in windows 7 that require some level of training in order to manipulate. Then there is that disadvantage that comes with the hardware costs. You will have to spend more to set up a system running windows 7 professional.All these requirements translate into higher costs which is way beyond some people to afford. Some driver supports for old software versions were stopped by Microsoft making upgrades difficult. This means that some features may not function properly due to lack of the appropriate drivers.


Microsoft windows 7 professional compete with other operating systems such as Mac OS x and Linux. Microsoft latest operating system is Windows 10. There are also other operating systems for use in smartphones, gaming systems, and other niches. The recent deal between Microsoft and apple computers is bound to bring some changes in the software development industry. Microsoft office for Mac operating system deal is a great collaboration between the two competing software giants. Microsoft windows 7 professional 32 and 64 bit is still popular and it will take a long time to face these products out of the market.

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