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Rozalia Russian is a fashion blogger and trend-setting in fashion & lifestyle for daily outfit inspo Melbourne

Stylish tips

Being in style is what each and every person wishes to have and the fashion and style is closely relate with each other. There are some of the fashion people who are bloggers and they share some of their best stylish tips. They are also the social media sensation. Some of them have the trade mark of meeting with the high street style and also captivating the imagination. They have been popular by attracting number of people overnight. The trend setting in the lifestyle and the fashion, they have the number of fan followers and people have seen them form transforming from the model to mum and the online entrepreneur in the field.


Velvet is the well-known material which is often worn by people and there are some of the bloggers who share the tips on wearing the velvet in right way. The material is something which can enhance your look with the way of wearing. Velvet is the magical fabric and it has comeback in our lives. It is the best winter wear usually our winter wear have become very much sad and dull also without the velvet.

There are some of the fashion bloggers who wish to share the way you need to pick the velvet piece and the key things stored in the wardrobe and home.

The best one in the velvet materials is the velvet slip dress. It is the number one pick for the velvet dresses and pieces. There are things which are rich and they also give a good and simplicity look. It is also very much easy to pair with the existing items in the wardrobe. It can be easily worn with the cardigan and the sneakers during your day and it can also be paired up with the earrings of great statement and heels for some night out.

Fashion tips

It is sure that if you follow these fashion tips then you are likely to get an enhancing and different look as compared to the other. Velvet cam in singlet is another velvet dress which is popular. The shorts and versatile version of the slip dress is the cam in singlet. They are great as they can be paired easily with the bottoms, leather pants, etc. they are a great pieces to be worn and it can last for seasons. It is not for this pacify seasons. The velvet blazer is again a piece if clothes which can give the statement time and it so adds warmth to the winter wear. You can also become creative with the dress and can strip outside your comfort zone. You can bow go with the different colors as compared to the black and blue.

Also you need to make sure that you save some amount of creativity for the home as well. The statement pieces need to be fashion thin. If you think that the velvet cam in is luxe, then you can enter the home ware heaven.  The velvet couches, statement and ottomans are the way of adding depth and texture to the all and open space.

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