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The Shipping Container Co, is now offering shipping container delivery to locations in the Midwest and Northwest United States at an affordable price.

01, August 2017: For those looking for extra space to put their household items, help is at hand. Seattle and Dallas-based storage container company, The Shipping Container Co, is now offering shipping container delivery to locations in the Midwest and Northwest United States at an affordable price.

The company claims that its customers receive a unique service, thanks to its core goals. One of its core goals is transparent pricing. This, the firm says, makes the ordering process upfront and straightforward. Customers simply select the size and the grade of the container they want, add it to their cart, punch in their Zip Code and immediately get a quote. In contrast to other storage container companies, Shipping Container Co customers do not receive sales calls and do not have to submit personal information to the firm's website to get an instant quote on pricing and delivery.

Residents of the Midwest and the Northwest United States can also look forward to receiving regular updates on the progress of their storage container deliveries. These updates include the status of their order, the delivery date and the time window in which they can expect their container to arrive.

Customers who do order containers are advised to ensure that that they read “Preparing for the Delivery of Your Shipping Container” on the company’s website or call should they have any special delivery requirements.

As part of its high-quality service, the company inspects every container it ships before loading it onto its trailers to make sure that it is in good condition, explicitly checking that there are no leaks and no problems with the floors, doors or locks. Before ordering, customers have a choice of different sizes and grades of container depending on their needs. Containers are priced between $1,800 and $6,500, based on their size and quality, but the company warns that these prices do not include the cost of delivery, which is calculated based on delivery location. However, every customer can get a quote for a container, including the cost of delivery, from their website instantly.

The Shipping Container Co currently delivers in a 350-mile radius of several major cities throughout the Midwestern and Northwestern United States, including Seattle, Dallas, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Omaha, Denver and Salt Lake City. The company buys shipping containers on the open market and grades them according to its strict criteria. New containers are called one-trip containers and carry the highest price tags. Cargo worthy containers are cheaper, second-hand containers that have been surveyed and certified as ocean-going by a cargo surveyor. Finally, wind/water tight containers are those deemed by the company to be water and wind tight but have not been surveyed by a cargo surveyor.

Those wishing to get a quote or find out more about the company’s services should visit its website at https://shippingcontainerco.com. Alternatively, use the contact details below to contact a representative from the firm.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Danny Fiefia
Company: The Shipping Container Co
Phone: (206) 483-2362
Email: info@shippingcontainerco.com
Website: https://shippingcontainerco.com/


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