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LEVY ADVERTISING has become a leading source for companies of all sizes when it comes to Custom Polo Shirts Doral with decorated embroidered, screen printed and promotional advertising products.


If companies want to promote their favorite brand then this is the best site to visit. Embroidery, screen printing and advertisement are some services customers expect to get in this site. Branding of any product is possible for us. All of which will be expected to conform to customer requirement and specification.

Services offered

Product embroidery, screen printing and large format printing are some of the services you stand to benefit. Branding of apparels, drink wares, writing, bags, office, trade shows, outdoor and leisure has been made possible using the modern state of the art technology.Customers may also personalize branding to food and candy to coincide to their special event such as birthday parties. Apparels of all types can be branded with customers’ preferred logo. Trade show banner, signage and flag are some items that are customize to customers individual message. Everythingto do with branding is possible.

Product services is done by a team of fully committed and supportive staff ready to help customers achieve their goals and objectives of reaching out to the market. Embroidery product promotion Miami staff members are available for consultations on progress twenty fourhours per day seven days per week. Make a phone call or chat with us any time.

Promotions through gifts

Branded products sell a company better, and also gain customer loyalty as compared to non branded merchandise. Free giveaways of branded items to both customers and committed staff members also have a lot of impact on the performance of the product in the market. Quote for employee specific brands and giveaways as rewards to boost their morale. It is proven that a highly motivated staff member is also highly productive.

Embroidery product promotion is an effective strategy of creating brand awareness and adds quality, style and value to the life of a customer regardless of age, race, status, class and geographical location. A catalogue of creatively designed logo is available for customers to choose from depending on taste, preference, and fashion and class status.

Gain customer loyalty through personalized and customized branding of products. It is important because it has been proven to attract repeat buyers. Customer loyalty can only be realized if their specifications are met as stated. Embroidered Promotional products Miami teams exist to offer effective solutions to customer needs and requirements by working hand in hand with customers to meet their individual specifications.

Success of every customer in the market, also multiply as a success for the brand promotional team. A win for a customer in terms of increase in sales resulting from a brand campaign is also a win for us.


Request for a brochure and check out the portfolio of clientele who have benefited from the services. Enquiries can also be made through the website for information on rates and working schedule. Customers can inquire for more information about the services from the website and review what clients who benefited from embroidery product promotion services has to say.

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LEVY ADVERTISING has become a leading source for companies of all sizes when it comes to Custom Polo Shirts Doral with decorated embroidered, screen printed and promotional advertising products in Doral Florida.


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LEVY ADVERTISING has become a leading source for companies of all sizes when it comes to Custom Polo Shirts Doral with decorated embroidered, screen printed and promotional advertising products. At Levy Advertising, our mission is to ensure your complete satisfaction with each and every product that leaves our facility.
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