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There are some common mistakes that people make while performing squats using the squat rack, often leading them to get minimal results and even injuries. Make sure you don’t make the 11 mistakes mentioned below when you will hit the gym next time:

1. Not developing ankle flexibility

Your ankles have to be mobile to give you maximum squat results. If the motion of the ankles is next to none, it could lead to dangerous effects to your overall positioning, such as your back may get rounded or your torso may bulge out.

2. Positioning the bar too high on your neck

The bar should never be too high and over the shoulders. It is indeed dependent on the body structure you have. But many people set the bar at their neck’s base rather than having it over their back.

3. Incorrect foot positioning

Always keep your feet at a distance of your shoulder width and they can be a little pointed out too.

4. Copying other people’s style

This is one of the worst ideas ever. Every person has a unique body structure and alignment. The alignment and positioning of your knees and feet should be done based on your body and not by looking at someone else’s style. It is also based on the goal that you have set for yourself from this particular exercise.

5. Not engaging your core

While you are squatting, the most ideal position is for your back to be vertical and upright and the tilt of the torso should begin from the area of your hips. Moreover, you should inhale and hold your breath while your chest should be expanded for a while so that pressure can be built up. This will keep your chest and rib cage intact.

6. Rounding your lower back

If you are a powerlifter, your lower back area has to be a little arched to give you the optimum position to perform the move.

7. Squatting with too light weights

The right amount of weight to squat with is very important and if you lift very light weights, there is no way you will be able to reach your goal.

8. Setting up the bar positioning wrong

Let’s say you do squats with a low bar position. This means your bar will be somewhere around the middle of your chest. With this position, you will have enough room to lock the lats properly before unracking, which is amazing.

9. Concentrating only on increasing weight

It is always better to get a lighter weight every once in a while if you want to do some muscle exercise and finish more reps.

10. Neglecting other gym exercises

If you are unable to take the weight on your central area, this means you need to develop your traps which can only happen if you combine squat with exercises such as box jumps and hanging leg raises.

11. Relying on a weight lifting belt

It is only good for starters but as you move forward, don’t be dependent on this because it will hinder your core strength development.

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