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The prime focus of any business is to get the best out of spending less and make collective efforts to earn profit. Businessmen try hard to find ways to save money on each and everything without compromising the quality and service. Business firms dealing with international clients must be indulged in sending and receiving shipments across international borders. When the number of shipment increases it becomes difficult to cut cost on courier services. This article can be of help to the businessmen who are sending shipments to United States of America and are planning to cut cost incurred on the same. Here are ways to help you save some money on courier charges from USA to India

i). Do not send heavy parcels
The weight of the packaging is directly linked to the courier cost. More the weight of the package, more is the money spent. The weight of the parcel can be reduced by using cardboard boxes for packing and bubble wrap for holding the item inside the box. 

ii). Send small packages
The cost incurred on sending the parcel sometimes depend on the size of the parcel as well. To cut down the money spent try wrapping the stuff in a parcel which does not occupy a lot of space. Use small boxes for sending parcels and try finding new ways to reduce the size of the shipment. 

iii). Bulk purchase of packaging material
Since your packaging material is used a lot, it is advisable to buy them in bulk. Bulk purchase of packaging material will be cheaper and cost effective as well. Where every penny counts, no stone must be left unturned to save money because cutting cost is the utlimate aim. 

iv). Opt for a Door-To-Door Service Provider
A businessman must look for all the options for saving money, no matter how small it is. Opting for a door to door service provider not only spares you from running around to dispatch or collect your parcel but also eliminates the cost incurred in travelling for doing so. 

v). Pick an Economical Medium with Quality Work
The market is full of courier service providers claiming to be the cheapest one but choosing the best one is important. Do a market survey, find out which is the cheapest medium to send a courier from USA to India and negotiate to settle at a lower rate. Select a proper channel like PPOBox for sending shipments which will ensure the safety of your parcel and promises to deliver in the specified time frame. 

vi). Be prepared by taking Compensation Cover
The shipment crosses international borders and goes through various hand to reach the destination, so there are high chances of any damage or loss in transit. It can be prevented by taking a compensation cover on the parcel. You can read the details regarding compensation cover offered by your courier service provider to make this point clear. 

vii). Reclaim for Value Added Tax (VAT)
This privilege of reclaiming VAT (Value Added Tax) has been given to business firms who maintain a proper record of their invoices. VAT charged on the expenses made for business purpose can be reclaimed by the company if it is able to produce all invoices. 

A business can not refrain itself from spending money on various items but small measures can make big differences in cutting cost. Try using these tips and see the difference because a penny saved is a penny earned. 

If you are looking for a shipping solution which takes care of everything and can be assistance for your shipment which is coming to India from USA then click on this link : www.ppobox.com


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