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There are many people in this world who like to plan a holiday from a busy schedule.

There are many people in this world who like to plan a holiday from a busy schedule. Long Island is the destination of choice for many people, who not only have a taste for delicious wine but also enjoy the beautiful views. It gives you the opportunity to relax and experience something that you never enjoyed before. If you are ready for one-day wine tour, then the Li Wine Divas’ Long Island Wine Tour is the a great way to spend your day .

 Whether you are on the first Long Island Wine Tour or many; LI Wine Divas is the ideal place for moving out during weekends along with companions to vineyards. This is the enjoyable Wine Tours Long Island trip for the wine lovers. You will get to see a lot of vineyards and get a greater understanding of all the process producing the wine. LI Wine Divas cover the most popular and emerging wineries and the chance to taste some of the exotic wines in a pleasant atmosphere. The best part of the Long Island Wine Tours is that, it entertains you by taking you to the most spectacular parts of wineries which are famous for its natural pleasing beauty.

 LI Wine Divas have many efficient, knowledgeable and qualified wine tour operators. They are always pleased to help you to book your tour as per your the packages. We will provide you luxurious limousines like Excursion Limousine, Stretch Limousine Corporate Sedan, Escalade Limousine, and Yukon XL as per your requirements which include audio systems, elegant bar plasma TVs. We plan your LI Wine Tours which will remember for the long-lasting and make your traverse hassle free. Also, giving you the best possible experience of the winery region is our primary job.

 The major benefits of hiring LI Wine Divas service is the fact that you really don’t have to worry about the route. Our drivers are aware of all the possible routes and will take the shortest one with minimal traffic to get you to your destination in time.

 If you are a wine lover you will definitely have a nice celebration time with us. LI Wine Divas is a reputed and authorized wine tour service provider; we can make your travel experiences highly luxurious, comfortable and relaxing. Without a doubt, hire LI Wine Divas service and will make your vocational trip memorable one.


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I have had a long island wine tour with LI wine Divas. It was brilliant experience and I wanted to share with you. I try to cover as many topics as I can and propose my readers the option to find out useful and exciting things often.


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