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Just what is the difference between the two fillers and do you know what your practitioner has used on you?

12, July 2017: When it comes to dermal fillers, there is little doubt that Juvederm are a world leader in producing a high-quality product that delivers superior results in order to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. With a product that quite literally can be life changing, confidence boosting and with lasting results that show, it is Juvederm that Rupesh has chosen to match his proven aesthetic skills.

Of course, in the world of dermal fillers as with many other things, technology moves at a rapid rate, with Juvederm Vycross being the latest product to hit the dermal filler market. So, what is it about this latest version that makes it preferable to Juvederm Ultra and does its appearance signal the end for the latter formulation?

Juvederm Vycross is part of the Allergan family, the originators of botox, meaning that it already has a proven ability in terms of giving satisfying results. Whether you’re looking for an anti-ageing effect that lessens and diminishes wrinkles, are looking to plump and reshape or to smooth the complexion, Juvederm Vycross has a product that will transform your look in the most positive of ways. Where Juvederm Vycross has the advantage over Juvederm Ultra is firstly its ability to last. It’s higher price point is an initial indicator that you are getting something extraordinary and a cleverly formulated mix of both high and low molecular weight HA’s mean that your results could last up to 24 months, dependent on the treatment area. This is of great appeal to those who lead busy lifestyles as well as those who are wanting aesthetic treatments but are not wholly comfortable with the procedures.

Juvederm Vycross has been upgraded to a smoother gel formulation that minimises the risk of unsightly bumps. This consistency makes precision application far easier to achieve, meaning that Rupesh has even greater control over targeting the areas where you want to see results. Improved elasticity means better sculpt and lift so you truly can have more control over the end result. And as Juvederm Vycross has 0.3% Lidocaine added to its formulation, discomfort and swelling after the procedure is lessened.

The Juvederm Vycross range comes in the following fomulations –

Juvederm Voluma – this is the preferred choice for adding volume to areas such as the cheeks and for procedures such as non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Juvederm Volbella – this is the perfect choice for the whole eye area, with the ability to target more awkward to reach and delicate areas but producing superior smoothing results.

Juvederm Volift – this is a great choice for the nasolabial fold area as well as creating superior lip definition.

Whilst the differences between Juvederm Vycross and Juvederm Ultra may seem minimal, a subtle difference can truly elevate your look and restore body confidence. Longer-lasting and with a smoother aesthetic delivery, Rupesh highly recommends Juvederm Vycross for your dermal filler needs.

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