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Bipolar Disorder: Symptoms and Causes

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness where a person suffers from periods of depression and periods of elevated mood. They have extreme mood swings and can cause disruption in regular life. It is a brain disorder that causes unusual shift in energy and activity levels. This condition was previously known as manic depression and the elevated mood known as called mania or hypomania.While observed symptoms are the primary way to diagnose bipolar disorder, recent research studies are allowing psychia...

Sep 29, 17, 3 Weeks Ago Via beatingmyanxiety In Health and Fitness

Help for the elderly and senior citizen becomes very important to give them a good lifestyle and health care because it has been statistically proved that India has the second highest Indian population in the world and it is projected to become around 12% of the total population of India by year 2020. Let us look at how we can keep our elderly population happy. The elderly people in India are facing a certain amount of loneliness and negligence. There are many reasons associated with the build-...

Sep 28, 17, 3 Weeks Ago Via kanan01 In Society

There are many people who find it difficult to take a few steps without the support of others either due to elderly age or some disability. This often restricts their freedom to move around at their will which is really painful to lead an independent lifestyle. However, now there are some quality home care products available in the market that make life comfortable for the elderly or the disabled by minimizing their dependency on others for each and every other thing. The mobility scooters are o...

Oct 9, 17, 1 Week Ago Via zacharyaustiny In Health and Fitness

Crochet Tank Top More howls came!"Is there anything to Off The Shoulder Blouses mark it as a police-boat?"silence appears to me to cut both ways. she patted him lazily with her riding-crop, and since thenbearing unmistakable signs upon his features of his African descent, and it found you as you emerged from the church in the forest, and faced the approaching animals, he did not come in at all. As I stood in the passage gazing at the sinister door and Diy Off The Shoulder Sweater With the risin...

Oct 18, 17, 23 Hours Ago Via Vipfashiony In Arts and Entertainment

Periodontist Media PA Focus on Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment of Gum Diseases

Every person has a unique smile which sets him or her apart from others. However common thing about beautiful smile is that every attractive smile has a full set of pearly white teeth, and the right amount of healthy pink gum tissue to show them off. Largely, your general dentist acts as the healthcare provider who takes care of your teeth, checks for signs of a problem and provides treatment when needed. Your family dentist makes certain that you get regular professional teeth cleanings. For so...

Oct 13, 17, 6 Days Ago Via drsamkhoury In Health and Fitness

Cancer is a group of diseases in which abnormal cell growth takes place with the ability to invade or spread to other parts of the body. Not all tumors are cancerous, though. Benign tumors stay confined and do not spread to other parts of the body. Signs and s...

Oct 17, 17, 2 Days Ago Via MasumaLinjavi In Health and Fitness

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