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Flexglory Machinery Accessories., Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that offers industrial grade cable and machinery parts protection equipment. They offer diligent treatment of customer query and after sales service worldwide.

China, 10, June 2017: Protection of machinery parts and cables critical to the seamless functioning of machines involved in mass production is crucial to the success rate and profit margin of any company. Dongguang FlexGlorv Machinery Accessories Co. Ltd. a company based in China offers a product line up of flexible cable conduit, split loom tubing, PVC coated conduit, Metal cable glands etc.

Industrial equipments especially involved in mass production are prone to frequent critical failures, overheating and premature wear and tear of machine parts and cables. At FlexGlory’s manufacturing units in China the importance of protecting such cables and equipments are on full display. Their innovative and scientific approach towards the production and designing of products led to the development of products that enabled them to leave a lasting impression in the internal and national scenario. They have their own research and development department where experimenting with new ideas and enhancing of existing products are carried out.

Based on their ‘not the biggest, but for the best’ business policy they have consistently supplied the consumer electronics industry and engineering equipments designing plants with SS cable glands that makes their machines resistant to weak acid and corrosion. A veteran in terms of customer satisfaction with their 24x7 operating customer hotline that offers unmatched service in terms of answering the queries of the clientele. They also provide an impressive after sales support as they believe in their motto of ‘Your brand, our vision!’ Their visionary approach towards science and innovation has led them to come up with an advanced line up of products enabling the clientele to shield their machineries and sensitive equipments from harmful electromagnetic interference.

They also offer EMC cable glands that not only provide extensive corrosion protection, but also shields against electromagnetic interference. The company provides their services to all shapes and sizes of clients from both multinational and local small business firms. They have distinguished themselves as a reputed and elite designer, manufacturer and supplier of protective equipments for cables and machinery parts. They also ensure that all of their products are free from manufacturing defects and all of their products are packaged with basic installation directions. The company prefers dealing with their clientele directly instead of employing a mediator. All of their retail outlets are company controlled. In terms of payment, they prefer advance payment of 50 percent upfront for advance booking for their premium grade products and the rest after delivery.

About Flexglory Machinery Accessories., Ltd:

Flexglory Machinery Accessories., Ltd is a supplier of industrial grade equipment protection conduits worldwide. They cater to their national and international clientele, for further queries please refer to their official website.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Sailor Huang
Company: Flexglory Machinery Accessories., Ltd
Phone: +86-769-22022018
Email: sailor@flexconduit.com
Website: http://www.flexconduit.com/


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