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The Compressor Discharge Temperature (CDT) probe (not to be confused with Conductivity, Temperature, Depth probe used in ships and also called CDT probe), is installed in the engine compartment just after the inter-cooler. The probe is installed with a #40 stainless steel clamp. A large clamp is supplied to fit around the air-port leaving the inter-cooler.A typical CDT probe kit from J.P Instruments includes the thermocouple type ‘K’ CDT Probe, a stainless steel clamp thimble, one st...

Mar 15, 18, 5 Months Ago Via jpinstrumentsart In Communications

How to find the best Refrigerator Control Board Repair Services

The DIY repair guide helps those who have problems of refrigerator control board to do it themselves instead of calling the professionals. For those who like to do it themselves the guide offers all the instructions for repairing the bottom freezer electronic control board as well as the refrigerator. The electronic control board handles all the components of the refrigerator like the fans and compressor and can be considered the brain of the refrigerator. If there is a problem with the elect...

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A CDT probe is used in aircraft as well as in ships. The ones used in ships are known as Conductivity, Temperature and Depth probe. It provides data on water salinity or lack thereof, it's temperature and water depth at current location.The CDT probe used in aircraft on the other hand, is used to measure compressor discharge temperature of the aircraft compressor and is therefore installed in the engine compartment just ahead of the inter-cooler. The CDT probe kit for the aircraft usually comes ...

May 31, 18, 2 Months Ago Via jpinstrumentsart In Communications

Primary issue you may have to do is jot each and every 1 of that gear which are possible to end up being worked collectively. Potential, you may have to work out the compacted air use frequency and in addition how many compressed air ambiance that the gear will more than likely tug from your compressor storage tank. In case that sounds honestly perplexing will not get worried it can be all shown by means of this report. In search of a great atmosphere compressor that could take care of the type ...

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