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Flowergirl Dresses
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Our products - wedding dresses, wedding dress, evening dresses, metric farewell dresses, infinity dresses, bridesmaids dresses, with easy returns and affordable prize.

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Picking out outfits for your younger bridesmaids or flowergirls can be a really troublesome task, especially if you've got a group of little would-be-princesses causing havoc with the selection process (and perhaps all demanding to be in their favourite shade of pink). Here are a few guidelines to help you keep your head so your youngest bridal attendants don't end up causing a ruckus and potentially ruining your big day!

The first thing to remember is that although there have been many changes in bridal dresses as fashions have varied over time, the preferred style for young bridesmaid or flowergirl dresses has remained much the same over the years. That said, don't let be tempted to let this clash horribly with the theme of the rest of your wedding. You can easily echo the styles, textures or colours of your other bridesmaid dresses, or for a very cute look, especially for small girls, see if you can get a miniaturised version of your bridal dress for your head flowergirl. While flowergirl and young bridesmaid dresses can vary in length, the general style is always a fairly standard one which should bring more to mind the term "little princess" than any sort of modern fashion statement.

Fabrics and colours for children's bridesmaid dresses vary greatly so it is always worth checking the time of year when your wedding will be. Velvet, or cheaper velour, are great for colder times of year and stop chills on your smallest attendants, while in warm weather make sure you opt for lighter fabric. You don't want an overheated little girl - or half a dozen - throwing a hissy fit in the middle of the ceremony, as there is no quicker way to ruin the occasion as well as everybody's enjoyment. For young bridesmaid accessories, steer clear of tights unless it will be very cold - don't forget some flowery ankle socks can look just as adorable as woolly tights - and keep footwear easy to wear. A ballet slipper style in a soft but hardwearing material like patent leather is best, as you don't want your littler bridesmaids' shoes to be uncomfortable or hard to walk in.

Becoming a big part of someone's special day can be a very important moment in your flowergirl's life. Every little girl loves to play dress up and look like the big girls, and your flower girl is no different. When you asked her to be part of your special day, she was probably nervous, but very excited. You probably didn't even realize how important and special you made her feel.

Finding the right flowergirl jewelry for your little lady can sometimes be a daunting task. Many bridal salons do not carry flowergirl jewelry, making it a bit difficult for the bride to check that task off of her list. Selecting the most beautiful flowergirl jewelry that doesn't look all grown up and gaudy is very important. You don't want your flowergirl looking overdone.


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