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Dr. Mitchell Cohen MD Orthopedics is an innovator, pioneer and pace setter of emerging, developing and innovative spinal techniques. To learn more about how he can help you, book your appointment as soon as possible.

Day by day many people are concerning the Orthopedic surgeon for their spinal disorder. The main cause of back pain is the lack of healthy lifestyle. The orthopedic surgeon mainly suggests the surgery to overcome the issues. The surgery is recommended for different indications, but the goal remains the same - to stop the motion at a painful motion segment. As per orthopedic surgeon surgery shouldn’t be taken lightly, Patients must have to prepare mentally and physically before any surgery for better recovery. The spine surgery is big surgery that comes with the risks and possible complications as do all surgeries. To enhance your chances of having a successful spine surgery, consider below motioned things.


1)Do proper preparation of your body before the surgery:

It is essential to be evaluated by a medical professional to ensure the patient is in good medical condition before proceeding with spine surgery. Your surgeon may even request that you attend physical therapy to enhance your level of conditioning prior to surgery. Some orthopedic surgeon strictly asked to prohibit the smoking like addiction prior to surgery.  Many surgeons asked the patients to lose the extra weight as a condition for the surgery.


2) Don’t really worry about surgical technique your surgeon adapt:

A surgeon may choose one technique over another for a variety of reasons including medical factors, the training of the surgeon and their surgical experience. Today most surgeons prefer minimally invasive techniques, which is the highly advanced technique in the surgical field. Most surgeries today can be treated with some aspect of minimally invasive surgery. So, don't worry about surgical techniques, the best options should be individualized to the patient’s diagnosis and overall patient condition.


3) Select an experienced orthopedic surgeon who has performed many spine surgeries.

Finding a surgeon who performs spine surgery regularly and up-to-date with the latest techniques and material is a critical task. How will you find such experienced and skilled surgeon? First, consult your primary care physician and take a recommendation from him. Also, consult the people who have undergone such kind of surgery. Know about your surgeon and surgery by researching online. On your first visit to your surgeon, ask as much as questions and doubts you can and select a surgeon who answered all your doubts and care about your well-being.


4) Take proper precaution after spine surgery.


You should remember that each individual's recovery process will vary to a certain extent depending on a number of factors, which include the prior physical condition, patient's pathology, prior and overall health,  the surgeon's  expertise, and the type and extensiveness of surgical methods. Also, the factors like Smoking, Obesity can extend one's hospital stay or negatively impact the recovery process and clinical success of the surgery. So, everyone should care about this post surgery aspect.


In the case of a spine problem, the sooner you go in for a consultation, the sooner you'll find relief from your pain. In addition, waiting to treat an injury could end up worsening the damage.

Meet the Dr. Mitchell Cohen Orthopedic, who has provided safe and quality spine surgical care for the patients of Southern California.  


Dr. Mitchell Cohen MD Orthopedics is an innovator, pioneer and pace setter of emerging, developing and innovative spinal techniques. To learn more about how he can help you,  book your appointment as soon as possible.




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Dr. Mitchell Cohen is the best orthopedic surgeon and spine specialist treating patients in Irvine California. Dr. Mitchell Cohen, MD is board certified in Orthopaedic Surgery.
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