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Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to the health of a person. Sleep deprivation does not only make you dull and sluggish the following day, but could also very well affect your overall wellness in the long run.

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to the health of a person. Sleep deprivation does not only make you dull and sluggish the following day, but could also very well affect your overall wellness in the long run. Some people find it a lot easier to go to sleep, but for others it’s a lot more challenging.


The difficulty in catching sleep can be caused by a variety of conditions, such as the external environment being not conducive to sleeping. In other cases, however, it goes a lot more serious than that, with the problem arising from the body itself. Here are some of the more common conditions may eventually require you to seek help from a sleep center.


Insomnia – This is among the most common conditions plaguing up to as much as 10% of American adults. With insomnia, sleep becomes extremely elusive, either keeping the person awake way beyond the waking hours, or having it often cut short and disturbed.


There are many possible causes of insomnia, with stress, depression and anxiety being among the biggest culprits. While there are certain over-the-counter supplements that act as sleeping aid, they don’t always work for all those suffering from insomnia all the time.


Hypersomnia – The opposite of insomnia, hypersomnia is a disorder that makes people excessively sleepy to the point that their productivity and overall quality of life are also impeded. Sometimes, the sleepiness gets so overwhelming that the affected person suddenly just drops to sleep. This particular type of hypersomnia is otherwise known as narcolepsy. While used as a common comedic trope, narcolepsy is very dangerous in real life, especially if an episode occurs while the person is in action, like driving or walking.


Parasomnia – Here, the afflicted person involuntarily experiences events or movements that they may not even be aware of. Sleepwalking is one such example of this condition, and it is equally dangerous because they may sleepwalk to some area that’s dangerous and not even know about it until they wake up.


Sleep disorders in general should therefore be taken seriously. Anyone suffering from any of these conditions, as well as the other forms of sleep disorders, should not hesitate to seek professional help to get proper treatment from a sleep center in Brandon or elsewhere.



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