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Take care of your joints with Prolotherapy San Diego
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We cannot make time freeze and so the effects of aging process are unstoppable. When early measures have not been taken regarding our health,

We cannot make time freeze and so the effects of aging process are unstoppable. When early measures have not been taken regarding our health, it is quite difficult to face the effects at some stages in our lives. Chronic pains are very unpleasant and the medication that most doctors recommend in these cases are only able to bring relief for short periods of time You will be spending a lot of money on such pills only to let go of the pain, but the actual causes will not be removed. Have you ever heard about prolotherapy?


What is this therapy all about?


This alternative to traditional surgery and treatment regarding the healing of various joint issues is gaining more and more popularity thanks to the very good results that it has brought along to the patients who have tried it. It is all about getting an injection treatment for your ligaments, tendons and joints in order to recover them from various health issues. The main goal of this ultimate treatment is to recover the adequate blood circulation within your joints, which can sometimes heavily recover after an injury due to the fact that the blood supply is low.


How does prolotherapy actually work?


The substance used in the injection treatment is dextrose which is implemented in the affected area, a joint, ligament or tendon. After the injection, you will feel a local irritation that is actually the sign that the whole body is having an inflammatory reaction. This is the sign that the whole body is beginning to heal, through a powerful stimulation of the growth of new ligaments, tendons in the affected area. You will get stronger and healthier cartilages and so you will be assured to have stable joints for a healthier life style.


Platelet Rich Plasma stimulates recovery


PRP, which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, is an ultimate treatment aiming to help your body heal with a proper amount of platelets. These are known to help proteins do their job in the healing process of your affected body. After your platelets are separated from the rest of your blood sample, these are harvested and injected within the are that needs healing. This is how everybody, also people from San Diego, can enjoy the amazing benefits of such a therapy.


A very praised clinic within the San Diego area is located in Solana Beach and the professionalism of those working there is at the highest level so that you can enjoy a free pain and comfortable experience while recovering your body. We need carefully trained people to do this treatments of prolotherapy and in San Diego you will definitely find what you are looking for. Stop spending money on expensive medication that bring along so many long term side effects and give a try to this new and healthy alternative to expensive and not so effective medication. You might end up being quite amazed of the god results with this therapy.


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