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So jump into the tour bus and sit back while we take you across the length and breadth of London where you will get to glimpse some of the most magical experiences that this place has to offer.

For tourists, discovering a place can have two dimensions. One is the surface-level glimpse of all that the place has to offer. The other, and more enticing option, is getting into the heart of the place and seeing it from a closer perspective. While the first can be done on one’s own, the only way to experience the real London is by booking a London tour and leaving yourself in the hands of the experts.

Places to Visit in London

The Salisbury Cathedral is one of the must-see places that you can visit when taking a London Tour. Having one of the most beautiful structures here, be livers and tourists alike, have crossed many a mile just to see the spire that is 400 feet long.  Bath is another place that is along the way and should not be missed. Having a natural hot spring and architectural wonders that date back to the Georgian era, this place has a lot to boast of.

If you are not ready to call it a day after this tour, you can always go visit the Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, two of the most well-known marvels in London. These tourist attractions will certainly give you a lot of pictures as well as memories to take back home with you.

The Queen’s home is said to have about 770 rooms so if you want to lose yourself in an endless exploration, this place will do it for you. You may end up killing all your hours just exploring this one place so keep track of the time because London has a lot that you will want to see, before heading back home.

Stonehenge: A must-visit Spot

A London to Stonehenge day trip must be a part of your itinerary when you visit London. This rock monument is bathed in an aura of mystery and this is what makes it more intriguing to the visiting tourist. Even scholars have not succeeded in guessing whether it served as a church or was perhaps, a burial ground of some sort.

Although these 40-ton stones seem to be located in the middle of nowhere, getting there is a piece of cake. To get from London to Stonehenge, all you have to do is get ontoa train at the Waterloo Station and travel straight to Salisbury. From here, you will have to get into a bus that will take you to your destination. The train ride takes a little more than an hour so the journey will certainly not take up an entire day.  However, by choosing a London Tour, you can leave the entire journey in their capable hands.

Why opt for London Tours?

A guided tour will always be able to show you far more than exploring the place on your own can. One also has the ability to gather a heap load of knowledge that is provided by the tour guides so no place will remain just a place, after knowing the various stories or myths that exist behind it.

So jump into the tour bus and sit back while we take you across the length and breadth of London where you will get to glimpse some of the most magical experiences that this  place has to offer.

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