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Colordragon International Inc supplies a wide range of tattoo needle cartridges, including round liner, round shader and magnum shader.

Tustin, CA, USA; 26, May 2017: For tattoo studios and tattoo artists, there is a wide variety of tattoo needles and cartridges that Colordragon International Inc supplies at affordable prices. One can check the entire needle cartridge collection available on the website of Quma Needles. The collection includes round liner, round shader and magnum shader for tattoo creations.

According to the company spokesperson, they supply quality tattoo needle cartridges made with medical grade steel and medical grade plastic PC. This is the reason why these tattoo cartridges are safe for human use and also allow tattoo artists to show their creativity. With an easy grip, the needle is simple to use and one can create different tattoo designs without any difficulty. The spokesperson reveals that the needles have the Cheyenne cartridges grip, which allows a perfect fit for a tattoo artist to complete his/her tattoo making task with confidence.

The Quma tattoo needle cartridge allows tattoo artists to enjoy their work. Every time they use the tattoo needle, it gives them the same feeling. A perfect taper of the needle allows to hold it perfectly and also to release an adequate amount of ink that will require for making the tattoo. Each cartridge has the best quality ink that doesn’t stick to the tube of the needle and flows freely till the last drop. The non-sticky ink can be used to the last drop and it also avoids wastage of the ink. Thus, it proves to be more economical for a tattoo artist or a tattoo studio.

The company can supply tattoo needles and cartridges all over the world. They supply 20 pieces of cartridges in each box, and each cartridge is packed individually in a sterile pack. They make sure that the products are sterilized properly and it reaches to a customer in a germ-free and disinfected package. They maintain a strict quality control and focus on supplying the tattoo making products that are safe for the human skin. One can check all these products and their specialties by visiting the website www.qumaneedles.com

About Colordragon International Inc.

Colordragon International Inc has more than 15 years of professional tattoo needles production experience. They make the handmade tattoo needles that meet the industrial standards. They maintain the needles consistency and supply professional grade needles and cartridges that meet the international safety standards. They supply different varieties of tattoo needles and one can choose from various models of QUMA tattoo needles with different configurations.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Tim Cao
Company: Colordragon International Inc.
Email: qumaneedles@gmail.com
Website: www.qumaneedles.com


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