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A careline alarm is a safety device that allows an individual to call for help from anywhere within their home. Call Us Now at 0800-112-3201.

An established method in the form of personal alarm for elderly people was created to ensure safety of disabled and elderly people in their house. Well many have some misunderstanding related to this life saving device. We here have solved all those common myths about our products -

1. Pendant alarm are uncomfortable, heavy and ugly in appearance -

It was true in past but not anymore in recent times. Many years ago lifeline pendants were big and bulky similar to that of the size of mobile phones to give you good example. Exact opposite is the situation of current pendant alarms. Now a days the weight of these alarms is not more than 7 grams and the size of these is equal to that of the dial of a wrist watch. Modern pendant alarms allow you to wear them on wrist, neckline or anywhere on the body. So now after wearing you may even forget it is with you.

2. You cannot wear pendant alarms while having shower -

Again as the time passed technology of these alarms have advanced too. Pendant alarms are now with water proof features. So now these can be worn in bath, shower and also while washing clothes. Also it is demand of time to make them water- proof as many accidents like slipping or falling happen with elder in bathroom mostly.

3. You cannot wear pendant alarm in bed -

Design of pendant alarms are now concave in nature. Thus it makes it hard to accidently press the button as they are now in the recessed area. So now when worn of wrist they can be safely used in bed without sending any false alarms. Midnight trips to washrooms are also now safe by using pendant alarms.

4. Alarms’ for elderly don’t work outside the house -

Recent alarms have a range up to 100 meters. This is usually enough to completely cover the whole garden and house area. With this facilities activities like collecting post, throwing garbage and gardening has become possible for elderly people.

5. Installation process of personal alarms of elderly are difficult -

To your recue for this, modern technology is ready. Personal alarm systems have now become easy to install as like that as telephones or landlines. A simple plug has to be inserted in the power socket and in the phone socket. This makes even elderly people easy to set it up. Also you can contact our customer support services if you need help.

So now that the personal alarms for elderly are easy and comfortable, their use can be done without any hesitation. Also it will efficiently provide peace of mind for family members and care givers with respect to security of elders. So from now on don’t let misconception about alarm systems stop you lets your parent and grandparent live independently and in their own house while you are away. These solutions are equally valid while using modern medical alarm for elderly.

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If you are looking for Personal Safety Alarm then you are at the right place with most trustworthy Elderly Care Alarm.



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