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Hollywood is an enchanting world of movies, actors, movies and elaborate sets. When we go to watch a movie, majority aspects of the movie stick in our mind and heart. It can be a spectacular actor, the magical movie backdrop, the outfits the cast wore or the footwear. Each movie gives us something special to hook us on to forever. There are some movies which are an entire package which enchant us with the backdrop, the elaborate backdrop, the marvelous star cast. Movies like Batman, Harry Potter, DC movies etc, or television series like Friends which is evergreen and wonderful in its own.

Warner bros studio

Ever wanted to peek into the behind the scenes of a movie? Or wanted to be a part of the movie experience and scenes to reenact them? Warner bros studio gives the complete movie experience, and is ideal for movie buffs. It gives the opportunity to see sculptures of your favorite actors in the person, get a feel of the vehicles used in the movies and the beautiful backdrops of movies to give you the thrill of being a part of the movie. Experience the movie in real life and feel what the characters have felt in scenes, will give you a wonderful experience of am lifetime.


Batmobiles from the various batman series are on display in the Warner bros studio especially in Hollywood. The 1989 batmobile based on the Chevrolet impala used in batman and batman returns, until the Dark knight trilogy and the latest 2016 movie vehicles are all available for public admiration and view. You can see the batmobiles in real and be mesmerized by their beauty and ferociousness.
Harry Potter

Harry potter is a cult rage, loved by teens and adults worldwide. The Series started with a set of novels written by J K Rowling which was later adapted into a movie filled with magic and marvelous acting. The movies were a widespread hit, and still watching by millions of people worldwide. It is evergreen and much more popular than the books. The movies have an enchanting backdrop and are a magical and mythical world of Hogwarts. Now at Warner Brothers studio tour, you can experience the world of Hogwarts and step into the shoes of Harry, Ron and Hermoine and embark on a journey along with professor Dumbledore. The forest has various shelters, magical creatures and the making of the movies can be experienced. Fine detail and craftsmanship is observed and how the various characters were created and filmed. It’s a must see place for all harry potter fans and lovers. Enter the land of magic via the Warner Bros Studio Tour Harry Potter setup. Tickets are available for sale online and are a great visit idea for tourists and citizens and be prepared to get mystified. You can find tickets on discount on various websites, make sure to check them out well, and get them at best prices. A penny saved is a penny earned, hence make the most of these offers and visit the enchanting forest at the studio.

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