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Unlike Facebook & Twitter the great thing about LinkedIn is that there are a lot less cat pictures and more serious professionals using the site, which you never get using Facebook & Twitter. And you are lucky enough if you have got a LinkedIn account; it is a good thing to have along with your CV. LinkedIn is a goldmine for a business filled of potential leads and clients. LinkedIn’s average household income is $ 109,000 per year and this is just for starters, which we can see is of course a much higher number than that of Twitter or Facebook.

When it comes to LinkedIn many business have started integrating LinkedIn, however it’s not all about the money.   It’s the biggest business networking site in the world. Messages are more professional and there’s a different mood revolving around the site.   The conversations seem to revolve around business partnerships and transactions. 

Fast leads generation     as we all know are in the business of generating leads for businesses, they do support or make use of LinkedIn as a platform to generate leads, although the journey could not be safe but results have a higher legitimacy rate. You can expect to see leads increasing in volume & quality with the new addition of lead advertisements on LinkedIn. They can help you find a range of leads depending on what field your business focuses on to convert into solid sales.  


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