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Prayer And Peace Of Mind There certainly is a direct link between prayer and peace of mind. People have been praying for so many centuries. Whatever the religion, the importance of prayer is always stressed. It is a way of sharing our gratitude and happiness with God. Prayer is a way of connecting with the God. It is a way of thanking Him for whatever He has done and also seeking and begging for a peaceful happy life. People pray for various purposes. In times of distress, it has been found,...

Mar 26, 18, 3 Months Ago Via MahiYoga In News

Prayers and Malas Malas, mala beads, garlands…..we may call it by any of the names, but it has been associated with prayers for a long time. Every religion has used this and continue to use it while praying. It is an ideal accessory for keeping count of the number of times we are chanting the Lord’s name or any other Beads on Him. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the mala usually comes with 109 beads. It has 108 normal sized beads and one bigger bead or guru bead as it is called. This ...

Mar 26, 18, 3 Months Ago Via MahiYoga In News

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