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There are different types of air coolers, so you should consider a number of factors before you buy air coolers. While you consider your cooling needs, you should also check the cooler’s size and features when making the right choice for your home.

Air coolers are considered affordable and efficient cooling systems for a room or for your home. Most of them are designed to cool dry areas more effectively. Depending on where you live and whether you want to cool a room or a larger space, it is important to buy air cooler that addresses your needs. Here is a guide to help you choose the right cooler for your home.


1. Air Cooler Types


When you want to buy air coolers, consider what type of cooler you want to choose.


  • If you have a large area to cool, desert coolers are good options. These coolers are however low on energy efficiency and require larger space.
  • If you want to cool a small room and want to take the cooler to different rooms, a portable cooler is the best option. These coolers are also known as personal coolers.


2. Air Cooler’s Size


You should also consider the cooler’s size based on the size of the area that needs to be cooled. As already mentioned, desert air coolers are meant for cooling larger areas. You should still check the cooler’s description when you buy cooler online India. An official description of a cooler will specifically mention the area it covers.


Some cooler descriptions mention the CFM of the cooler, which refers the air in the room that is changed every 120 seconds. Most of the descriptions calculate it on an hourly basis. It is based on the formula CFM (hours) = area of the room * height * 0.84. So if you want to cool a room with area 100 square feet and height 10 feet, look for a cooler with minimum CFM of 100 * 10 * 0.84 = 840.


3. Features

The next point to consider when choosing to buy air cooler is the types of features. Remember, the more features the cooler has, the more convenience you will have and the more it is going to cost you. Some of the features which are available in modern coolers include the following:


  • Variable Speed: This will help you control the fan’s speed.
  • Remote Control: This makes it easier to control speed and adds convenience.
  • Automatic Water Level Control: This feature maintains water at the set levels and prevents flooding. There should also be a water level indicator.
  • Ice Cube Tray: You can also buy air coolers with special top trays for keeping ice cubes. The water from the melting cubes is added to the water tank.
  • Automatic Shutoff Dampeners: These dampeners will help in reducing loss of cooling inside the air cooler.
  • Compatibility with Inverter: Some air coolers are highly energy efficient and are also compatible with inverters.
  • Castor Wheels: This will help in moving the cooler to different areas in your home.
  • Empty Tank Alarm: When you buy cooler online India, it is also recommended to choose one with empty tank alarm. This can help prevent damage to the cooler’s motor.


You should also consider the thickness of the pad when choosing a cooler. It should be at least 90mm thick to deliver good performance.


So consider all these factors when choosing the right cooler for your home. There are many reasons why air coolers continue to be so popular in India. They are efficient and efficient and when it comes to cooler price in India, they are affordable compared to air conditioning units. So if you are looking for the best cooler, make sure to evaluate the cooler on the above-mentioned criteria.


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