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We are thrilled to have been voted the best dry cleaners Uptown Dallas. Come check us out in Addison or University Park to learn why we are the best!

What is dry cleaning and what is laundry? People often use the term drying cleaning and laundry interchangeably. Do they really mean the same thing? Which of them do you think is applied to your material? Even though both terms may be closely related, there are yet some little differences between the two.

Though the work is not really in the terms themselves but it would be informative if you can clearly state you are doing one of the two when dry cleaning or in the laundry.

What laundry is?

The common wash you do at home is what can be called a laundry. This is washing the clothes with soap and water. When you soak you clothe for some time and later add soap to wash in a machine or manually, what is done is laundry. In this case, odors from sweat and mild stains are washed off the clothes.

In this process, you may want to put the clothes into different sections accordingly. You can group this on the fabric type, the color type or even the nature of stain. Different detergents would be needed for some clothes. Colored clothes can lose colors and cause more damage to other clothes. So you would want to avoid this as much as possible. You should separate those you think are vulnerable.

Dry cleaning goes deeper

For a dry cleaning process, it goes further than just soap, detergent and water. In this process, chemicals are used to treat strong stains or any stain at all. A chemical like perchloroethylene is used to remove stains. While in a laundry you can decide between sun-drying after a wash or use the machine, dry cleaning employs the use of the machine specific for the dry cleaning by using warm air circulation in the machine to dry up the clothes. Professional dry cleaners from dry cleaners Addison area employ the quality dry cleaning operation in their business.

Quality service to get from the best dry cleaners

Since dry cleaning will be what you’ll do quite often, you would need the best dry cleaning services to help with your cloth dry cleaning. Services rendered by the best dry cleaning service would render a service with their clients at the topmost to give the maximum satisfaction desired. Giving free pick-up and delivery at your doorstep is one of such rare offers you’ll get with the best hands in the business.

A dry cleaning service that is not just in the name is a company with various services that cuts across different sectors to meet their dry cleaning needs. This company takes the service to the students offering discounts, hotels and restaurants, individuals and other corporate organizations. Dry cleaners Dallas provides services for those in Dallas and dry cleaning Addison can also be reached for your dry cleaning needs. They cater for your personal wears and your ceremonial clothing like the wedding gown and the rest of other clothing.

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