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Are you busy with no time of your hands then use house cleaning Baltimore to have your house spic and span.

Are you busy with no time of your hands then use house cleaning Baltimore to have your house spic and span. House Cleaning Baltimore has been in service for the last fourteen years providing house cleaning and janitorial services. The house cleaning teams serve people in Baltimore, Columbia, Annapolis and the surrounding areas.

Each of the teams is proud of the work they do and build a working relationship with the homeowner and the family. They try to clean the house as per the requirements of the homeowner using the best cleaning products and make a list to see that everything is cleaned from top to down.

What are the Services Offered by House Cleaning Baltimore?

House cleaning Baltimore  offers house cleaning  and maid services to Baltimore, White Marsh, Fells Point, Cockeysville,  Phoenix, Perry Hall, Fallston, Towson, Rosedale, Inner Harbour, Parkville, Abingdon, Nottingham, Bel Air, Dundalk, Lutherville, Kingsville besides the surrounding areas.

Whether you require house cleaning services or maid services just get in touch with House Cleaning Baltimore and their team will be there to help you. They attend to all types of jobs such as vacuuming, making the beds, scrubbing the floors or dusting. They value the people working for them and when they get good customer reviews they give a gift of $100.

A personal Touch to the Professional Cleaning Service

The employees of the cleaning services undergo a thorough professional check prior to hiring so that the customers can have peace of mind on their reliability. They receive extensive training in maid’s services and also home cleaning to the highest standards. They dust and clean the kitchens, bathrooms and floors.

The prices for cleaning depend on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. No contracts are drawn and there are no hidden fees. You can book them by a phone call. They have been in the service for many years cleaning homes and believe in customer satisfaction. They have experienced cleaning teams and believe in safe cleaning products. When you hire cleaning services you get detail oriented experts doing the job.

Best House Cleaning Services

The cleaning services around Columbia are committed and dedicated to improve the process of house cleaning. They are professional in their line of work, efficient, detail oriented and personable besides being well priced.They clean all types of homes whether it is single family home,condos, townhouses or apartments. If ever you decide to call a cleaning service to clean up your home you can get in touch with them.

The employees with the cleaning services are bonded, insured and licenced and receive training in maid services as well as cleaning homes to the highest standards. You can hire their services weekly, fortnightly or monthly as per your needs. You can have the maid service designed as per your requirements. Some of the cleaning services offer competitive rates.

If you are staying in a rental property and want a professional job done before you give back the property back then there arecleaning services that offer competitive rates.

So if you want to hire cleaning services to give your home a clean-up House Cleaning Baltimore will help in doing a good job.

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House Cleaning Baltimore has been in service for the last fourteen years providing house cleaning and janitorial services. Green Apple Cleaning is a professional residential cleaning company, specialize in House Cleaning Services Columbia MD.


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Green Apple Cleaning Services has become the premier provider of residential, apartment and commercial cleaning in Columbia, Maryland. We offer full maid services for homes, as well as complete office cleaning and janitorial service to the general public and corporate world.

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