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Tire Guy NC offers used tire service In Raleigh North Carolina (NC).

What is TPMS.

TPMS is the acronym for Tire-Pressure Monitoring System. The TPMS is one of those elements of active safety that being simple save us problems because they remind us the importance of the tire pressure.In short, the function of the system is to warn the driver of a loss of pressure in the tires.

We need to remember that the tire has been designed to operate at a certain pressure, which marks the manufacturer.Incorrect inflation pressure increases fuel consumption, cover wear is uneven, vehicle loses grip on the ground, especially on wet ground, increases braking distance, and risks losing stability and even risk of tire bursting. All of them is prevent for the Tire-Pressure Monitoring System.

The system warns the driver via light and acoustic signals when the pressure of any of the tires is too low depending on what has been established in the system.To explain the operation of tire pressure control, we must bear in mind that there are direct TPMS and indirect TPMS.

Direct TPMS.

In the direct TMPS, a Tire Pressure sensor placed on each wheel measures the inflation pressure and transmits the data to a control panel, which can offer the data broken down by each tire or a total data, or simply can warn when the actual data does not match with the ones they have programmed.As always when we talk about systems based on electronics, everything is possible in the informatic design, and each sensor has its manual.

The Tire Pressure Sensors incorporate a small battery that gives them autonomy to operate without depending on the power of the vehicle.These sensors can measure the pressure and temperature of the tire, as well as inform the system using low frequency waves of their position in the tire and the condition of their battery.

When changing tires, rotating or performing any other maintenance, it is often necessary to re-calibrate the sensors to avoid measurement problems.

Indirect TPMS.

The iTPMS does not use physical sensors to determine the pressure of the tires, but it measures the pressure indirectly, from the speed of rotation of each wheel in addition to other values that are obtained externally.For example, the first iTPMS calculated the pressure from the difference in diameter of a flat tire versus one that is under correct pressure. For these calculations, the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) rotation sensors were used.

The second generation of iTPMS used spectrum analysis techniques through complex computer applications that determined the relationship between the frequency variations that the tire experienced as a function of the inflation pressure.

Today, the iTPMS is usually integrated into the ABS and ESP (Electronic Stability Program) central, and compares the tire rotation speed to determine when there is an inflation pressure error.

The iTPMS therefore offers relative values, and that is an inherent problem of the system. It does not identify more than binary that there is a problem.In addition, in low adhesion conditions it can give erroneous measurements if during running we have adhesion losses with the pavement.

But, at the end, there is nothing like the monthly inspection that we should perform ourselves with the cold tire.

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