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This is like a map for the landscape contractor to work with.

Many people may have unclear idea on who a landscape architect is, what he does and how he goes about it. We are all concerned about how our environment and surroundings look but little do we know who does what and how.

Landscape architecture

Landscape refers to the land area outside of your building. A landscape architect working along with other engineers work on the designs and construction of the outdoors surroundings of the house in which you live. This includes designs such as the lawns, yards, walkway, decks, patio and every exterior décor of the homes. A professional design from an expert works to meet all regulations and follow required minimum standards in the profession in addition to giving you the best design in the compound. Landscape Architect Park Hill is a place you are sure to get your design up to standards.

For a more detail outlook about the activities of the landscape architecture, this article hopes to highlight some of the procedures and standards in the profession. This is for you to be well informed about who they are and why you should engage the activities of a professional landscape architect for your next outdoor beautification.

The master plan

When you engage a professional landscape architect, the first activity that he does is to draw out a preliminary plan of what should be expected. This is the master plan of the job at hand. It is the conceptual phase in landscape design. This includes the patterns and shapes of the area, the barriers such as the fences and the walls, the laws, deck, including the plant's layout such as the grass and trees. All these are captured as a way forward in the construction process.

Design development

In this phase, the initial plan is refined. Here, the choice of material for the construction is determined including the style and finishes.

The construction drawings

This is like a map for the landscape contractor to work with. It contains all that has to do with the layout, the planting, the paving, drains and other channeling that may be required in the design. Like mentioned earlier, the contractor works with this drawing in the construction.


For everything to be in compliance with governmental regulations, this has to go through building departments and review boards to give approval or amendments where necessary. This is what you will expect a professional to do so you don’t have problems regarding compliance in the future.

Estimates of cost

This is basically the cost of the project in summary.

Bid assistance

This help in getting a contractor for the project by drafting contracts and bid letters.

Bid administration

This is the actual field process where the project is being done. It is the onsite check about how the landscape design is being installed and implemented.

Now you can see how things get done with a landscape design. This gives a reason why you should only employ the services of a qualified professional to make sure things are done properly. Get the beautiful Denver Landscape Design for your compound.


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