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Lifeline pendant alarms system are telephone based alarm systems that allow the wearer to immediately call for help in the event of an emergency.

Many times we have the elderly being at home alone. For the age they are, they are liable to fall under some health conditions and would often require attention in the home or be monitored. Personal alarms for the elderly systems are designed to help the elder who might need help at a point in time when at home alone. The type of alarm installed would depend on what purpose it is meant to serve.

Alarm Systems For Different Purposes

Alarm systems serve various needs in the home. Generally, there are alarm systems that are designed for fire, or when there is smoke in a covered area. Burglary issues and the rest of emergency situations have a need for alarm systems.

When there is an emergency, reaching out for help either to a family member or the security agents would be most important. That gives the reason in the design of the dialing systems of various operational modes.

The Auto-Dialler

For this system, it has a push button that an elderly moves with. This helps the elderly get assistance as much as possible. The attachment can be any of pendants a wristband or some clippings on the cloth. There are trigger devices that enhance the working principle of the systems. A new development recently allows the mobile phone as the trigger device that does not require the base unit in its operation. With this system a call is made through to the call center which processes the information received before sending messages to the notification nominees installed in the program.

The Working Principle

When a push button is pressed or the pull cord is pulled if that’s the case, the alarms send a call to the control center that is registered with or a call to a friend or loved one can be the case. For some alarm system operators, they take charge of the control center with well-trained staff to respond to clients 24hours of the day.

When a dialogue is opened between the help seeker and the operating center staff through an intercom system, the solution will be given on what to do next. In some cases, it might require sending a staff over or call someone that is nominated for notification during the registration process.

The Direct Dial

For this alert system, it doesn't require going through a control center which monitors the home. Some aged don’t really like the idea of a monitoring system and so this would be a better option as personal alarms for the elderly. This is designed for such situations that are really not emergencies. For this, it gives a direct call to friends, to neighbors or family members. The nomination of these people is majorly on people who are easily accessible via phone. Their phones are always within reach all time possible. They also include persons who reside nearby like neighbors.They are persons that can be trusted with an extra key to the home and are strong to render assistance when the need arises.


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Emergency Bracelet For Elderly service for the elderly are telephone based alarm systems that allow the wearer to immediately call for help in the event of an emergency.Read more.


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