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Salt Scrubs also called Salt Glow are the most popular skin and body treatments at the spa. Their main purpose is to exfoliate the skin and give it a healthy and well-nourished look.

Among the different types of salt scrubs are the Himalayan Salt Scrubs which presents the best and most desirable results.

The Himalayan Salt Scrubs has many benefits as it contains whopping 50+ minerals. Some of these minerals are Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium and Iron. The presence of trace elements gives the Himalayan Salt it's characteristic pink color. They are mostly absorbed via a process called Subcutaneous Absorption. Himalayan Salt Scrubs always presents the skin with a nourishing and therapeutic experience.

Himalayan Salt Scrubs carry out a number of functions on the skin. They:


To exfoliate means to slough off flaky dead skin from the surface of healthy ones. The granules of Himalayan Salt feature sharp angles which make them notoriously good abrasives for dryer parts of the body like the soles of the feet, knuckles, and elbows. Himalayan Salt Scrubs also contain Macadamia oils which are good exfoliating agents. When you notice you that your skin has begun to lose its glow, it's a clear indication your skin needs the Himalayan Salt Scrub.


An unusual property of the Himalayan Salt Scrub is its large salt granules which it utilizes in digging deep, cleaning deep and refreshing all parts of the hands and feet. This makes it efficient in breaking into the hard surface of the hand and feet while retaining the skin's moisture courtesy of the moisturizing compounds it contains.


Rich almond oils are one of the common components of Himalayan Salt Scrubs. These oils present the body a wonderful blend of nourishment, clarity, and hydration. The oils are usually contained in Shea butter rich in fatty acid. It lingers on the skin long after the Scrub has been applied to ensure proper moisturizing of the skin. The Shea butter doesn't linger around if you don't want it to; they can be washed off.


Himalayan salts are one of the few purest salts discovered. These salts are mined from the world's deepest and most ancient seas. Due to the depths from which they are derived, they contain detoxifying minerals and elements. This makes Himalayan Salt Scrubs great detoxifying agents. Apart from being great detoxifying agents, the minerals it contains nourishes the skin.


These Salt Scrub and be used therapeutically for the treatment of chronic pains. They also proffer relief skin soreness and muscular tension. Its exfoliating properties helps in tackling components that could be sources of pains in skin pores. Himalayan Salt Scrubs are also relied upon by quite a number of people to minimize and treat sunburns and calluses.

Himalayan Salt Scrubs produce the best results of any salt scrub, little wonder why they're the favorites for many. You want your skin to be healthy? Then do yourself a favor and opt for the Himalayan Salt Scrub.


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