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A careline alarm is a safety device that allows an individual to call for help from anywhere within their home for emergency reponse. Call Us Now at 0800-112-3201.


Help alarms are devices with capabilities to notify friends, families and emergency services in case of any mishap or accident. Old age begins at the age of 50, and brings with itself a wide range of problems. Whether it is heart attack, stroke, accidental fall, balance issues, immovability, and paralysis etc, it can cause severe damage or loss of life. Studies have shown one in four people above the age of 60 suffer falls or issues which cause severe injury or loss of life. More often than not, a delay in medical assistance can cause a major problem and affects a person’s survival rate. Hence alarm systems which detect falls and notify family and authorities can help save lives and is a vital requirement for elderly living independently or alone for longer duration.

Why Is Alarm Vital?

These fall detection alarms to help reduce the response time can be used by parents or loved ones above the age of 55 who have health issues which come with old age; children with special needs; spouse, friends or family member with a disability who need to be monitored well.The notification is done to friends and family as well as the emergency services to ensure on time treatment and preventing delays which can cause life damages. You can easily step out of the house without any worry and constant fear, and have some peace of mind. If your elderly parents want to live independently, fall detection improve quality of life and gives them confidence to be independent and move around freely. You don’t have to hover over them 24x7 and have some free time as well. They also come with GPS trackers to allow you to monitor their location from a distance and track them down easily in case of emergencies.

SOS Button

In situations where the elderly is suffering from a heart attack or epilepsy seizure etc, they can easily press down the SOS button on the device, which will immediately notify the emergency services and aid will reach you without any delay. It has proven to save many lives and lifelong injuries due to the falls etc. In case the person with the device falls down a flight of stairs has a stroke or any mishap in which they are unable to press the button, these devices are equipped with automatic fall detection to help you with the same. Friends and family can also be notified with ease and can help reach you faster.

Battery Life

Battery life and charging components are the most vital factor to consider when choosing the alarm device well. A longer battery life is of utmost importance, as you don’t want the battery running out in case of emergencies and not serving its primary purpose. The battery should be well in cased and not fall apart on impact of the fall. The charging utility should be easy to handle and charge the device fast. Most devices can be worn as a pendant around the neck or bracelet, hence should be compact in design.


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