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Everybody knows how important bees are for the ecosystem but we have to agree that sometimes they’re a bit irritating.

Everybody knows how important bees are for the ecosystem but we have to agree that sometimes they’re a bit irritating. If you want to spend some peaceful time in summers at beaches, farms or somewhere outdoors, you would not want a single bee to ruin the precious time.


Therefore, it is important to focus on how to keep bees away without harming the environment.


A. Cucumber Peel


A great way to make bees go away from small areas is using Cucumber Peels. If you open a window to enjoy the beautiful summer and a bee suddenly comes in out of nowhere, you can put some cucumber peels at the window corners. This will keep them out and let you enjoy the soothing summer air.


B. Peppermint


Bees love plants and flowers, and thus they roam around the farm and garden areas. But wherever there’s a smell of peppermint plant, they tend to avoid such areas. If you do not want bees to fly around your house, yard or even your car, simply put a peppermint plant around that area. This method will keep them away and will never let them come close again. 


C. Cinnamon


Everyone loves cinnamons and the desserts with cinnamons are the best. But many people don’t know that bees tend to avoid cinnamons. Spread some cinnamons around the areas where bees keep flying in and out all the time to drive them off. Although you have to do it for a week, it will surely give a lasting effect.


D. Crushed Garlic


Another method to avoid the irritation from bees is actually very easy and can also work as a natural repellent against bees and other insects. Simply chop few garlic cloves and soak them in water for some days. If you put them around any specific bee frequent area, it will work miraculously.


E. Vanilla Mixture


As you know, bees sting when they are threatened. Bee sting is one of the worst things that one can ever imagine. To keep them away from you, vanilla extract is a great solution. Just mix a tablespoon of vanilla extract or baby oil in water and apply it on your body when you are at a bee frequent area.


F. Baby Powder


Baby powder is another solution to keep bees away. Note that not all the baby powders in the market are natural and only organic baby powder should be used for this purpose. Simply sprinkle the powder on your body and enjoy the bee-free environment.


Bees are very important for the environment and it’s necessary to stop killing them. There are many good products available in the market which will surely help you in bee removal in San Diego. But it isproven that using pesticides is not the best way to get rid of bees. So use only natural products for the betterment of both you and the bees.


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The author of this article, writes on many subjects, but is currently involved with Bee Swarm Los Angeles. You can Order online at Beemanlivebeeremoval.com.


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