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About Brother TN450
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The Brother TN450 cartridge is among the famous toners these days. It has the capability to yield about 2600 A4 size pages.

The Brother TN450 cartridge is among the famous toners these days. It has the capability to yield about 2600 A4 size pages. The best things about is that it is compatible with many different printers including HL-2220, MFC-7460DN, HL-2240, MFC-7360N, MFC-7860DW, DCP-7060D, HL-2240D, DCP-7065DN, MFC-7460DN, HL-2230, HL-2280DW, and HL-2270DW printers.




Talking about the technical specification now. The technology used by it is laser. The duty cycle, as mentioned above, is 2600 pages. The printing color is black. It is compatible with major printers. The size of the cartridge isn’t that huge. Its dimensions are 36.6 x 11.2 x 20.3 cms and 14.4 x 4.4 x 8 inches. It is extremely light weight as it weighs about 0.8 kgs or 1.8 lbs.




The brother TN450 is one of the best options available for you right now in the market. It offers nothing but the best quality. The best quality of the product is what makes it best in the market right now. You don’t have to worry about the ink running off. It is reliable, fast and above all easy to install and use.




The product is available for around 50 USD right now. The price may change by time. Keeping in view the current market rate, the printer is significantly cheaper. Comparing the price and quality, it is the best thing you can get.


The product is ISO/IEC 19752 certified which means you can rest assured that you have bought a standard product. It produces rich printed documents for long lasting use.


There are different options available for you when it comes to buying this amazing product. However, you need to make sure that you buy it from some reputable place. There are many online stores where you will find it. Pricing will also be different at all the places. First of all you need to make sure that the website or store is well reputed. If not, you may end up buying a fake a low standard product. The best stores offers warranty of products as well. So, there needs to be some warranty of it from the place you buy.


According to the reviews, most of the people are very much satisfied with its pricing. Print quality is the second thing that has attracted many users. Apart from these two, overall value and setup is highly appreciated by the customers. Less than 1% of the people have found it defective or unworthy. People say that it gives them the best quality and every time they see the light of ink indicator on. They don’t need to count the pages as it provides excellent results and lasts more than their expectations.


If you are looking for something quality and cheap at the same time, start looking for it today. It is indeed a great toner that works exactly as it is supposed to be. Printing is much more quick and easy. Buy genuine Brother TN450 today and experience the best.


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