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There are around 20,000 species of bees in the world and they live in colonies. Bees are important for our ecosystem and it is responsibility to protect them.

There are around 20,000 species of bees in the world and they live in colonies. Bees are important for our ecosystem and it is responsibility to protect them. But protecting doesn’t mean inviting them in your home.


Bees are aggressive and have sac full of venom attached to their stingers. It is very dangerous to share your living space with bees, as they can easily damage your house and also can become contentious. Although removing bees from homes is difficult, they’re not as destructive as termites and roaches.


Know Their Types


It is important to determine the species of the bees before deciding on a method to remove them, as it will give you an estimate of the potential stings and threats.


• Carpenter Bees: They are oval-shaped bees which make their lair son the wood surface. They hardly destroy the environment but the nests can multiply, thus damaging the surface of the wood.


• Bumble Bees: They are aggressive and can easily be threatened. They choose to stay on something fluffy and often underground.


• Honey Bees: They are the most beneficial type and not aggressive at all. There location method from your home is preferred for this type only.


Removing Beehives


Bees natural tendency is to form nests in hollow trees and human structures are somewhat the same. This is the reason why they’re attracted to dwell in your house. There are ways to remove bees away from your personal space, such as:


• Removing Bees from Home: Firstly, you should wear something heavy and secured. Then after the sunset, you should spray the hive with pesticides. Repeat it for another day if necessary. After that, remove the dead bees and the hive to protect your walls from honey or wax.


• Removing Bees from the Ground: Buy the spray from the market specifically for ground bees. Wear a protective dress and spray directly to the hive at night for two to three days.


• Removing Bees from a Car: Getting rid of bees from a car is difficult and the safest solution is to reach a beekeeper or some expert who can help you.


Getting Rid of Bees Naturally there’s not a specific method of getting rid of beehives, therefore you need to try everything and see which one works the best. It is necessary to try to relocate the honeybees instead of killing them.


Following are some methods to remove them naturally:

• Natural Bee Lure

• Natural Bee Repellents

• Natural Bee Pesticides


Professional Removal


Getting professional help for bee removal in Los Angeles is not that tough. There are two different types of professionals who can help you in this regard:

• Exterminators: They tend to remove the hives of bees, wasps, and hornets.

• Beekeepers: They relocate the honeybee colonies.

An exterminator will use sprays to destroy beehives which are designed for specific species. But a local beekeeper may not provide the removal facility, as they use a bait trap to persuade the colony and then they relocate it.

Finally, bees can damage your personal space and turn your life into hell. Although they are not as much destructive as other insect species, it is important to remove beehives to protect your home and yourself with the help of chemicals, natural products, or professionals.


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