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FlipHTML5 becomes the best flipbook software for creating interactive page flip publications. Users can create the digital content from scratch or use a PDF file.

10, April 2017: The great news comes that FlipHTML5 is rated as the best digital publishing solution. This flipbook software allows users to create the interactive digital content with the web-based and desktop tools for Mac and PC. Now FlipHTML5 is going to holding 3-month platinum plan giveaway to benefit the free users and let them experience the advanced features.

FlipHTML5 flipbook software allows users to create the digital content from scratch or PDF document. Its online platform provides the fast way to convert PDF to page flip books within minutes, which provides the basic features for the users to utilize. FlipHTML5 also provides the realistic bookcase to store and display the online flipbook orderly.

For the users to create the interactive content from scratch, FlipHTML5 empowers the users to design layout and content page by pages. They can add pages, reorder pages, delete pages as they want. For the content, FlipHTML5 allows them to take advantage of dynamic texts, images, slideshows and videos to engage the readers. Users can also add the hyperlink to lead the users to the official website.

The other reason why FlipHTML5 is rated as the best digital publishing solution is that FlipHTML5 allows users to sell and buy digital publications on its cloud platform. It takes the marketing ideas into consideration. Users can design the flipbook for sell with the prices and PayPal info. Then the readers who are interested in the content can buy to read valuable content. Besides, for the promoting content, users can email flipbook to the loyal subscribers and share it on social networks. It will help to expand the flipbook influences and attract more target readers.

FlipHTML5 flipbook software is still in new function development every day. All the development team engineers hope to bring the best using experience to the users. In the future, FlipHTML5 will keep pace with the cutting-edge technology to improve itself.

About FlipHTML5:

FlipHTML5, the best flipbook software with the powerful cloud platform, now is regarded as the best digital publishing solution to the publishers and marketers. It is making process day by day to catching the newest fashion and technology, which makes sure the function to satisfy the users.

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