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There are several different types of guitars in the market today but despite this, guitarists are searching for uniqueness in their guitars. Purchasing an assembled guitar is great but more often than not you will find someone else with the same design and make. This has led to most guitarists opting for custom made guitars matching their preferences. To serve this market niche, innovators have availed the DIY guitar kits. These kits come in different designs to provide a variety of options from which customers can choose from. The kits come with all the parts necessary to assemble a fully functional guitar. Assembling your own guitar is not only fun but also allows you to learn more about it.


Types of guitars

Depending on the kind of music you want to play, different guitars are currently available in the market to serve each player. Acoustic guitars are a well-known type by players and can be used in many different types of music including pop. There are two types, the steel-string acoustic and the classical acoustic. The steel-string is similar to classical but differs with respect to its larger body size, narrow neck and its strongly structured design. According to many players, it has a louder sound and a brighter tone. The nylon stringed classical acoustic can play diverse styles of music and just like the name suggests, it can play classical music. It has a flat and wide neck often played while seated. Electric guitars on the other hand are a ‘preserve’ of rock music, pop and jazz music. They have a solid body unlike the acoustic but some however have a hollow body. These require an amplifier to be heard giving them a metallic sustained sound. The electric 12 string guitar has the regular six strings and a thinner string set of another six. Its tone is brighter compared to the six-string and in addition it is more expensive. The electro-acoustic guitars have a specific design for their pickups to produce the acoustic timbre nuance. The have different sound when unplugged and when amplified depending on the brand. The distinct resonator guitar has a large plate concealing the resonator cone. They’re preferred in an open-air performance or large halls because they have a bright, loud voice. It’s mostly preferred by those playing country and blues music. Others include the base guitar, archtop guitars and the double neck guitars. There are a variety of DIY kits available for the different guitar types to assemble your own.  


Cost remains a concern for most players when it comes to purchasing of instruments. The good news though is that these kits come at different price ranges depending on designs. Another concern when it comes to this is the cost of purchasing tools for assembling your guitar.


The kits may either have a manual instructing on how to assemble or the instructions may be emailed upon purchase. With that said you may think that assembling these kits into a guitar is an easy job but the truth is it is not. It demands a lot of patience. Another challenge is the lack of tools to assemble especially for starters who hadn’t factored for them in their budget.

In light of this the question by most would be is it really worth going through all this trouble for a guitar? The simple answer to this is a strong yes owing to the fact that it’s not just fun but also the determination is rewarding seeing the final product.

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