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The rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most popular and appreciated esthetic interventions in the whole world and the patients’ number seems to increase more and more with each day.

The rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most popular and appreciated esthetic interventions in the whole world and the patients’ number seems to increase more and more with each day. It is a complex procedure and it aims not only to correct certain congenital malformations, but also to correct some deformations caused by trauma during life. This procedure also helps people get rid of certain nasal obstructions, such as the correction of the septum’s deviation.

Why do people turn to it?

Most of the times, the main reason due to which people turn to this esthetic intervention has to do with reshaping their nose in such a way that its look and proportions can be adjusted, so that they can achieve an harmonious facial look. Each patient is unique and that is why rhinoplasty implies a variety of changes in what the nose’s shape in concerned. Among these we can mention: reducing the dimension, lifting the beak, changing a too sharp nose or defining a too wide nose, the correction of an asymmetric nose, to diminish too large nose trills or even to bear away the nose’s bulge.

The intervention brings along several advantages

This esthetic intervention of correcting the nose has not only esthetic advantages, but also functional ones. These deal with improving the way your nose looks and the surgery helps to balance the facial traits of the patient. Breathing issues can be solved easily through this intervention or those problems caused by the pinch of the respiratory paths. In addition to these, it is the ideal solution for those individuals who were born with an asymmetric shape of the nose, with a deviation of the nasal cartilage or other faults which significantly affect the way one breaths.

What age is the best to do this?

Generally speaking, people should be over 18 years old in order to undergo such an intervention because the growing process can be completely done. The rhinoplasty intervention can be done only when the nasal bones have reached maturity. This intervention, which is actually a surgical one is able to correct the nose’s look, but, in the same time, the patient should set some realistic expectations, considering the harmony which has to be created between the shape and the dimension of the nose and the patient’s features.

Look for the best surgeons for a quality intervention

It is quite difficult to find that one surgeon that is not only good in what he does, but who also has the ability of not making you feel uncomfortable. He needs to make you feel assured that things will go well and the final results will positively change your life. It is enough that patients have made it to the surgeon’s office; from here it is up to the doctor’s ability to make them feel comfortable so that the whole esthetic intervention can be carried out in the best circumstances. Therefore, take your time and choose the best one.


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