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Solo Music Gear provides you the largest selection of PRS Guitar Kits, Do It Yourself Guitars, Build Your Own Guitar, Telecaster and Unfinished Guitar Kits and more in Canada.

Guitar kits are fully machined guitar panels, perfectly cut and available in separate parts to make your own DIY guitar. Kits are available in the market with wood cut in various guitar shapes, controls, holes, wires and panels etc. This gives a lot of design control to the end user or customer to customize their guitars and adding a personal touch. DIY guitars make interesting pieces of art and add interesting character to the guitar look. Instead of spending a lot of money on getting customizations done, make it your own project and have fun making exactly what you wanted without chances of any mistakes in requirements. Although most kits come with detailed manuals, reading and following it can be overwhelming.


How to build your own guitar?

Building your own guitar can be very interesting and easy if few things are followed and kept in mind. Start with ensuring you have received all the parts and components in your kit. If not make sure to order a replacement in due time. Know each components purpose and the location of fixing each part. External things required would be tapes, paints, sand paper, top coat paint or spray, pencil, ruler etc. Make a list of all the required items and buy them before starting your project. Arrange all the parts in order to check fittings and alignments, without attaching them, mark all the holes and drill them smoothly. Paint and complete the body of the guitar and give it ample of drying time. When satisfied with the finished look, start constructing the final guitar. Fix each component in order of assembly and make sure nothing is missed. Install all the internal wirings, knobs, switches, neck, body in the designated places.

Body decoration ideas

The body of the guitar should be done with personal touch and according to desire. Make a list of all requirements, and look for designs online. If you are an artist, it is a great way to showcase your art. Nothing is better than to flaunt your paintings, designs on your own personal item. Print out desired designs and cut them out in the guitar shape. You can use favorite color acrylic paints or spray paints to form the base of your design. Be creative with the design, it can be your name, band name, favorite quote, favorite musician, inspiration, abstract painting, geometrical patterns, chrome finish, etc. Whatever floats your boat can be done on the wooden body base.  Ensure to finish your design with a glossy or matte top coat to finish your guitar, and let it dry for at least a day.

Where to buy good quality kits?

Good quality kits are readily available in the stores and online websites. Exciting discounts and offers are available online and most websites provide free shipping. Just pick a design of the desired shaped from the online catalogue. All external accessories required could also be purchased online. Read customer reviews and ratings before purchasing, and also ask friends and family for previous experiences. You want your guitar to have the perfect look, and have fun playing with your personalized guitar.

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